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Zoosk vs. POF – which is better?

Zoosk vs. POF – which is better?

Making online connections has never been so profound and easy at the same time. We have an opportunity to visit the vast majority of dating sites all over the world sitting in front of our computers. Most of these sites offer multiple different functions for someone who’s looking for love.

Millennials spend more than 10 hours a week on dating sites. And based on the results of the survey, men spend 85 minutes per day on dating platforms while women stay on these sites 79 minutes a day. So while many people think dating sites are only good for finding a one-night stand, statistics tell us otherwise.

Statistics prove that 1 of 6 marriages start on the Internet. It’s worth saying that not every person on the web is striving for a long-term connection. But we will concentrate on sites that are good both for hookups and long-term relationships as well.

Plenty of Fish and Zoosk are known to be worthwhile platforms because they are the most experienced and oldest dating sites ever. Today, we’re going to review Plenty of Fish vs. Zoosk based on user reviews and objective truth, suggesting characteristics and design.

Zoosk Is one of the most popular dating sites globally, counting more than 40 million users from different countries. It has a splendid app available in most parts of the world.

Zoosk is a flexible application despite your purpose on this site. You can be here because you need deep connections or a random hookup. It’s all good. Zoosk uses the behavioral algorithm in finding partners to help you obtain connections with more people you could like. The majority of participants are 25-34 are years old; however, you can find representatives of almost all age groups.

Plenty of Fish is often called a veteran of dating sites, allowing its users to obtain many important functions to help you find an applicable partner. It has various options and many uses to choose from, a secure system, and several free functions. Although this site looks a bit outdated, it doesn’t influence your quality of search. We will get into details further in this review.

What’s the difference between Zoosk and Plenty of Fish

Zoosk has plenty of beneficial functions that differentiate it from POF. What are these functions? For example, the site allows you to smart pick, which means finding a partner based on your preferences and introducing you to are people you have something in common with. To facilitate your selection method, you will be asked to answer a few questions, something like “would you date a smoker?”, “would you date someone with the child?” and many more questions. Zoosk confesses that its clients adore these specific questionnaires because they show attention and a pleasant vibe of unity.

A carousel is another option that lets you find more matches as long as you see someone’s photos. Here you can skip it or choose “maybe,” or flirt with this person. If they like you mutually, they will appear on your contact list. Another great option is insights – a search based on your behavior that helps you understand the style of like-minded people. It gives you a perspective on users you most likely attract.

Plenty of Fish uses a different search algorithm. Often, when you register on a new platform, you have one of two options, either be a part of a super cool and precise search engine or search all the profiles manually to find a good partner. Usually, it doesn’t work either way. If you have to rely on an automatic search engine based on an algorithm, chances are, the machine will make many mistakes before you happen to find someone who lives up to your standards. It happens because searching engines work with numbers and don’t understand subjective factors.

Nevertheless, Plenty of Fish reviews testify that searching for a good partner manually is as hard as relying on a machine to find someone random for you. A necessity to sort the people’s profiles requires much time and energy, not what most young people have. And once again, Plenty of Fish would gladly prove it’s not the problem you should care about because when it comes to dating platforms, the majority of search methods involve both machine and manual matches. You can use both an engine and a manual search – it’s up to you which you want to choose.

Pros and cons


Pros Cons
40 million users worldwide Fake profiles happen
Every age group represented Only paid members can message
Registration takes a few minutes
Many positive testimonials
Great design

Plenty of Fish:

Pros Cons
Huge database Outdated design
An app with many features Not LGBT-friendly
Easy to use
The search is based on a personality test
Both manual and machine search

Zoosk and Plenty of Fish: Audience comparison

In Zoosk vs. POF, some might find some obvious similarities. However, that is not entirely true.

Zoosk has a 40 million audience with members all over the world. The majority of them are young people ranging from 25 to 35 years old. The gender proportion is almost identical, which is a good thing. Nowadays, because of competition, the unnecessary drama doesn’t allow youngsters to unite for loving connections as they get insecure because of gender disproportion and the need to fight for attention. Because the member activity is very high, people text each other all the time. Most users have to validate their profiles to prove that their pages are not fake or malevolent. The positive side is that most people on this site strive to find serious relationships that possibly lead to weddings. Zoosk is wildly popular because of its audience, most of which comes from the US. Many have found their match or a good friend, which adds a few points to the credibility.

If you’re looking for a dating app, you either have two ways: hooking up with someone or finding a stable relationship. Both of these options need a good match. Also, Plenty of Fish is a global dating site; most people are in the US. You can come across 2 million visits daily, which means that you always have a choice—figuratively speaking, as there are indeed plenty of fish in the sea.

Plenty of Fish states that the majority of visitors are men from 25 to 35 years old. It can be a problem at first glance (if you are a guy looking for a heterosexual connection, this means that you have a lot of competition and fewer women to choose from). The majority of women are 25 to 35 years old on average. However, this site has a credible reputation, which equally attracts youngsters and more mature people. And the site has a strong “No BS policy.” What does it mean? It means that after registration, you will need to straightforwardly state your goal of staying with POF – whether you need a hookup or a stable relationship. Straightforwardness is one of the most important benefits of this site. You don’t need to waste time finding out whether they want to sleep around or build a long-lasting connection. There is an unwritten rule that being clear about your intentions means respecting the other person and avoiding wasting each other’s time.

The main disadvantage of Plenty of Fish is its lack of LGBT-friendly accounts. The site seems to be not very tolerant and inviting for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, despite Lady Gaga, the ambassador of the LGBT community, advertising this site in the Telephone music video.

Who Has the Better App?

Zoosk has a straightforward application. It produces most functions available in the web version, allowing you to find a good connection in no time. Unfortunately, only Insights are impossible to find in the app. You can download Zoosk from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The application is fully optimized for a comfortable user experience. Zoosk has an application that runs smoothly with smartphones and tablets, which is a significant advantage and a point for modern users. Now you can search for connections and like pictures from the comfort of your home.

Who has a better app, Zoosk vs. POF?

POF has a pretty good Google Play rank – 3,8 out of five. Of course, their application could be better, but it’s pretty decent. The application is not the strongest side of Plenty of Fish, that’s for sure. However, the majority of people on the Internet praise this platform. Users happen to find the app important and beneficial; that’s why the ranking is relatively high. The application is also free on the App Store.

POF vs. Zoosk: Interface and Usability – Who’s better?

Zoosk’s design is very minimalistic, which makes the application understandable and direct. It uses primarily grey colors. The only aspect that can throw you off is the presence of advertisements. If you do not have a premium account, this could not be very pleasant. However, once you upgrade to a premium account, all the advertisements go away. Using the application is so comfortable, you can easily navigate through the app and search for appropriate partners on the way to your work.

Zoosk’s design is intended to appeal to people of all ages, including the elderly. The characteristics of this dating site make it simple and accessible for anybody to navigate through favorite sites without becoming confused. On the left side of your website, you’ll discover all of the essential options. In addition, a subscription button is located just below the navigation bar.

Since Plenty of Fish is a rather old site, its interface is pretty simplistic and intuitive. However, simplistic and intuitive doesn’t always mean modern. Also, this site doesn’t bring inconvenience to its users; it can give you a sense of frustration because the whole POF platform is a bit outdated. Some functions are just weird. You’ll have to see for yourself which of them are redundant. But if you are an old-fashioned guy or girl, you will like the design of this platform. However, Plenty of Fish didn’t upgrade its interface and user platform yet, which is strange considering how many people visit this site daily.

When it comes to usability, the site often bugs out and gives users an error. In addition, sometimes registering on this site can be frustrating because of lagging and frequent shutdowns.

This site looks archaic. But if you’re the one who likes a polished website, you will be shocked by design. First, you will see a desaturated interface. Then, the more you spend on the platform for the less it will concern you.

POF vs. Zoosk: Pricing

Price Zoosk Plenty of Fish
1 Month 29.99 USD
2 Months 38.70 USD
3 Months 59.99 USD
4 Months 51.00 USD
6 Months 74.99 USD
8 Months 81.40 USD

Zoosk is not the most expensive app out there. As you can see, selecting one monthly subscription is not sufficient. It’s better to opt for or a 6-months plan which will help you save money. As a premium member, you can send other users messages and receive total access on SmartPicks. Additionally, you can lurk other’s profiles and visit them in incognito mode so that no one sees your activity on the site. Chatting is also possible for Premium members, as well as seen visitors who liked your profile. The site offers many benefits for paid users, including a no-ads policy.

Plenty of Fish allows you to be the first person who receives the “Meet Me” feature, meaning you will gain more audience visibility. Additionally, you will receive the opportunity to go through extended users’ profiles and lurk the status of your messages, knowing if someone will reply or leave you on reading. Moreover, you will receive no advertisements and enjoy your experience without banners. You will also see the details of the person who has stalked your profile. There is a possibility of increased emails from different users who your profile. A premium account will allow you to stand out from a crowd of search results for people to notice you faster. Finally, you will be able to send three gifts per day to people you genuinely like.

What is the right choice: Zoosk or Plenty of Fish?

GOOD FOR people who search for perfect partners
Plenty of Fish
Plenty of Fish
GOOD FOR searching interesting people

According to common sense and a variety of searches and testimonies, Zoosk manages to win the race. It is an inclusive and modern site with a straightforward design and a more comfortable subscription plan. Zoosk is a flexible platform regardless of what you look for, a stable relationship, or a hookup – it has a place for everyone. The site offers various modern functions to let you build a stable connection quicker, bonding with like-minded interlocutors. Despite most features being paid, Zoosk has a comfortable policy for its clients and doesn’t cause any problems.

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