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We are a free online resource that strives to research several dating services, compare, and compile comprehensive reviews about the products. However, we don’t provide information on all the available dating sites.

DatingMentor’s operators receive advertising compensation from the dating services whose data and reviews are on the website. This compensation, among other factors, influences the type of reviews, rating, and reliability of a particular dating service. Though compensation influences reviews, research is quite critical in verifying the brand’s authenticity. We analyze everything, including reputation, before compiling an extensive review. Some of the content and material found on our web pages might be sponsored, thus promotional.

Below are the terms and conditions that govern our reviewing service,

  1. Privacy Statement and Disclaimer
  • Notice and any agreement terms referring to you are directed at the client or consumer reading our website’s information. This requirement is to seek the consumer’s consent to our terms and conditions of service.
  • Any segments quoted as “we,” “us,” “ourselves,” and “our” refer to our website.
  • Portions quoting “party,” “parties,” or “us” refer to either the client reading the information or we, DatingMentor. Be sure to distinguish and understand where the information that is directly addressing you, the reader.
  • According to the current U.S. laws, each of our terms complies with these provisions. We refer to the terms and conditions. Any consent to participate in contributions regardless of the agreement’s nature is upon the client and will help the website appropriately. This consent is to meet a client’s needs and experience a seamless and straightforward experience concerning the stated dating service.
  • Using the above terminologies can take any form, either singular, plural, or capitalization, and he, she, and they might be interchanged but would still refer to the same user.
  1. Cookies

Before using DatingMentor, you must consent to the use of cookies. This is our privacy policy and is deployed to enhance the user’s experience on the website.

Technology has made it possible for us to use the ‘Cookies policy’ to receive user activity every time they access the website. Cookies ensure that you have a seamless navigation experience and enhance the website’s usability. Some of our advertising firms and affiliate brands might use cookies on their websites, and the client’s consent is critical.

  1. License

Unless stipulated otherwise, both DatingMentor and its licensors are entitled to the property rights for any content displayed on DatingMentor’s websites. All rights covering intellectual property are reserved. Consumers may view, read, and print content from, provided they adhere to the website’s terms and conditions. However, you are restricted from:

  • Republishing content whose source is https:/
  • Sub-license, selling, or renting https:/ material
  • Duplicating, copying, or reproducing any content on https:/
  • Redistributing content and material from https:/, unless stated otherwise.
  • Using https:/ as a source of reference, users are cautioned against hyperlinking the website’s content.

While referencing is discouraged, the following entities have the right to link to our content even without seeking approval:

  • Search engines
  • Government entities
  • News organizations
  • Online directory distributors can link our website to their directory if featuring it on a business listing.
  • System accredited business except when the information is to solicit funds and other charitable acts.

The above entities may link to our homepage, other publications, or the website provided:

  • The information is not misleading.
  • The link is justifiable and not falsely suggests funding, sponsorship, charity, and approval or endorsement of the party’s products or services.
  • The content being linked should fit within the content of https:/

Should consumers wish to hyperlink to our website, they should seek consent from us. We may approve and approve requests from other sources like: discretely

  • Commonly known business and consumer entities like Chambers of Commerce, Consumer unions, American Automobile Association, and AARP.
  • entities
  • Associations and charitable organizations
  • Internet portals
  • Online directory distributors
  • Trade associations and academic institutions
  • Law, accounting, and other consulting firms whose primary clients are businesses

Before we approve link requests from other entities, we ensure that:

  • The link provided will not display the entity unfavorably. For instance, trade associations and organizations representing any other information attributing to hiring work-at-home personnel may not be approved.
  • The organization’s reputation with us is satisfactory.
  • DatingMentor’s benefits, when linked on the website, doesn’t outweigh our content.
  • The linked association should not appear inconsistent or, in a way furthering the organization’s mission.

These organizations or entities might link to our content, home page, or website if the link:

  • It doesn’t appear misleading or giving wrongful information
  • Does not confirm approval or endorsement for funding
  • Abides and fits within the requirements of the linking site

Entities qualifying to use our website and publications as a reference should inform us via email. Make sure to include your name, the organization’s details, contact details, the site’s URL, the URL of the link you intend to reference, and any other relevant information. We will try to respond soonest possible, but you can give us up to three weeks for comprehensive feedback.

Any reference-request approved can hyperlink to our website as follows:

  • Using our corporate name
  • Linking by using web address (uniform resource locator)
  • Using any descriptive information on our website or content that fits within the linking entity’s site.

However, you are prohibited from using our logo, artwork, or name when linking a trademark license that doesn’t exist unless you have a formal agreement.

  1. Iframes

You cannot create or use frames on DatingMentor’s web pages without seeking prior approval to be guaranteed if you submit a written request. Furthermore, you cannot use any techniques or software to alter the appearance of our website’s visual representation.

  1. Content Liability

We are not liable for a consumer’s decision based on any content appearing on our website. You are responsible for any claims arising from the content featured on our website. Whatever link(s) appearing on any page or web site shouldn’t be in any way interpreted as obscene, defamatory, or criminal. The content shared does not advocate for infringement or violation of third party rights.

  1. Reservation of rights

We hold the right to request any entity to pull down any links referencing to us at any time, and the request cannot be debated; you agree to do so immediately. Besides, we reserve the rights and freedom to amend the terms and conditions concerning the linking policy at any time. If you continue to link to our web pages, you agree to abide by this policy always.

  1. Removal of links from our website

Should you find any objectionable link on our website, you may inform us about the same by citing the reasons. Though we might receive considerable requests to remove some links on our website, we are not obliged to abide by the request. We might also not respond to your requests if they don’t abide by our policy.

Though we strive to provide accurate and factual information, we don’t guarantee that our web site’s content is accurate. We also don’t commit to maintaining up to date content on the website.

  1. Disclaimer

Following the applicable and permitted law, we exclude all warranties, representations, and conditions relating to our website, including but not limited to the warranties stated by law for satisfactory quality, fitness, and the use of reasonable care or skill. Nothing in this disclaimer will:

  • Exclude or limit your liability for personal injury or death resulting from negligence
  • Exclude or limit your ability for any fraudulent misinterpretation.
  • Limit any of our liabilities as permitted by the law
  • Exclude any of your abilities that may not be excluded under applicable law

The exclusions and limitations of liability stipulated in this section or other sections of the disclaimer govern the liabilities arising in the disclaimer or arising in contract, including negligence and breach of the statutory duty.

We will not be liable or responsible for any damage or loss that might result from using the web site’s information as it provided at no cost.