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See Who Liked Your Tinder Profile For Free + Other Helpful Hacks

See Who Liked Your Tinder Profile For Free + Other Helpful Hacks

Are you sick of looking at that number that shows all the people who have liked your Tinder but being unable to view their profiles? Well in our article we are going to show you how to see who likes you on Tinder for free! We will also break down some other useful Tinder hacks which will boost your matches immediately!

Introduction To Tinder

Tinder is one of the biggest online dating apps in the world where you will find people looking for relationships, friendships, and hookups. Tinder revolutionized the online dating world by making it socially acceptable for young people to date and hook up via apps. With Tinder, you can instantly connect with people from all over the world (75 million users from 196 countries) thanks to the app’s sleek design and world-class location-based matching algorithm. This app is incredibly easy to use and continues to add more features that help people find love!

How To Use Tinder?

You start by creating a Tinder account which only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is state your gender preferences, write a short bio and add a few pictures. Then you can filter users based on age and location.

After you have set your filters Tinder will start showing you different profiles. If you like the profile you swipe right (or click like) if not you swipe left. Once a user swipes your profile right as well this results in a match and then you can start instant messaging them.

Tinder has an advanced matching algorithm that gives your profile a score. Depending on how other users react to your profile, it will cause your score to rise or fall. For example, if you are liked by other users who have a high score like your profile your score will increase. However, if you like users who have a low score and they don’t like you back then your profile can drop dramatically.

If your Tinder profile has a low score it will only be shown to other users who also have a low score. This means it can be hard to get matches as the girls you are swiping right on may never even see your profile.

This is why Tinder users have to be strategic about the people they swipe right and left on. Tinder users also have to do their best to make their profile as attractive as possible to ensure other users don’t consistently swipe left.

Can You Use Tinder For Free?

Tinder has an extensive free version where you can create a profile, swipe through profiles, match and message people without having to pay a cent. Tinder has one of the best free versions of any dating app on the market. Free Tinder accounts have full functionality and millions of users have taken advantage of the free version to hook up and meet up with girls.

There are a number of downsides to the free version. The big one is the restriction on the number of swipes. With a free Tinder account, you can swipe 100 times every 24 hours, this includes right and left swipes. Once you have maxed out your 100 limits, you will have to wait a whole 24 hours until you can start swiping again.

Another disadvantage is the inability to see which users have liked your profile. If you have used Tinder before you may have noticed a circle with a blurry image and a number next to it. This represents the number of profiles that have currently liked your account. You can not see who these users are with a free account.

To unlock exclusive features such as changing your location, unlimited swipes, see who likes you on Tinder, and boosting the visibility of your profile you will have to upgrade to a paid profile. Tinder currently offers 2 paid options, Gold and Plus, which we will explore later in this article.

Should You Buy Tinder Gold?

There are millions of Tinder users who are currently paying for Gold, so surely this paid plan must offer some serious value! Tinder has stated that Gold users on average receive 50% more matches than standard users. The increased dating success that Tinder Gold brings users is based on all the extra features it has.

Tinder Gold provides a much better user experience than your typical basic Tinder account. With a Tinder Gold account, you can swipe until you have viewed every Tinder profile in the world. Literally, if you run out of profiles in your area or city you can just use the passport feature and travel to a new location, and continue swiping.

Another incredibly valuable feature of Tinder Gold is the ability to see which users have already liked your profile. You can view their full profiles and instantly match with them. This is a great feature if you don’t want to waste your time swiping through profiles and want to avoid being rejected.

As Tinder Gold can easily double your current matches we definitely think it is worth purchasing. The only thing to consider is if the price will fit into your current budget. If you opt for a yearly plan it costs just $10 per month. A great thing about Tinder Gold is that you can try it out for free using Tinder’s 3-day free trial and you can simply cancel if you don’t think it offers enough value!

What Features Are Available On Tinder Gold?

So many Tinder users opt for the Gold membership due to the fantastic features which actually help you score more matches and dates. The top Tinder Gold features include:

  • Passport
  • Unlimited Swipes
  • Additional Super Likes
  • Boost
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Unlimited Rewinds
  • No Ads
  • Check Who Likes Me On Tinder

Passport (Change Your Location)

With Tinder’s passport feature you can change your location to anywhere in the world as many times as you want. This feature is a great way to check out women in different cities or countries especially if you plan to travel there in the future. For example, 1 week before you arrive in Barcelona you could set your location there and have a number of dates organized upon your arrival.

As Many Swipes As You Want

With a free Tinder account, you receive a limited amount of daily swipes. Once you reach your total you can not see new profiles for another 24 hours. With Tinder Gold, you can swipe until you have seen every profile on Tinder! This feature alone results in users receiving 30% more matches than free users.

Extra Super Likes

When you Super Like someone on Tinder your profile will immediately be shown to that person and they can decide to swipe right or left on profile. Free accounts receive one per day while Gold users receive 5 every 24 hours. When you Super Like a person you are 20% more likely to receive a match compared to sending a regular like.

Tinder Boost

With a Tinder Gold membership, you can boost your profile. With the boost feature, your profile will appear at the top of users’ feeds. As your profile will be seen by a much higher number of people you will also receive a significantly higher number of matches. For example, if 20% of women swipe right on your profile and without a boost, 100 women see your profile but with the boost feature, 400 women see your profile you will receive 4x matches.

Enhanced Privacy

With a Tinder Gold account, you can keep your details hidden. For example, you can turn on settings that prevent anyone you didn’t like from seeing your profile information. You can also hide certain details from all users including your age and location.

Unlimited Rewinds

If you accidentally swiped left on someone by mistake or you just want to have another look at someone’s profile you can use the rewind feature. Tinder Gold users receive unlimited rewinds which means you never have to wonder what could have been if you accidentally swiped left, simply click rewind and return to that person’s profile.

Remove All Ads

Nobody likes their screen cluttered by spammy ads that make it impossible to use an app comfortably. With Tinder Gold, you can instantly remove all ads and enjoy a first-class user experience. Tinder’s ad-free experience alone makes the Gold membership worth paying for!

Find Out Who Likes You On Tinder

Stop wondering “how do I see who liked me on Tinder?” And simply upgrade your Tinder account. With Tinder Gold as soon as you sign in to your account you will be greeted with all the amazing women who have liked your profile. You can then check out their profiles and instantly match with them by swiping right or giving them a like. There is even a feature where you can automatically match with all of these people so you don’t have to worry about spending hours browsing through different profiles.

With the Tinder see who likes you feature you never have to waste your time scrolling through different profiles and you never have to face rejection. Many Tinder users get frustrated when they send out hundreds of likes only to receive a handful of matches. With this Tinder feature, you can guarantee a 100% match rate because all of the profiles you will be shown have already liked you!

This feature is not available for free accounts or even with Tinder Plus. However, we know some sneaky insider hacks that may be able to help you! If you want to know how to see who liked you on Tinder without Tinder Gold then keep reading on!

What Is The Price Of Tinder Gold?

Tinder has a slightly odd payment plan where users under 30 pay less than users over 30. And then they have different deals based on the length of your membership and where you live.

A monthly Tinder Gold membership plan will cost $30 per month. This is definitely not cheap but there are ways to reduce the price if you don’t mind opting for a longer term plan.

With a 6 month, Tinder Gold plan the price drops significantly and costs just $12.5 per month. The price continues to decline if you go with the yearly option and comes in at $10 per month. How much would you pay to match and hook up with amazing, beautiful women who live right around the corner from you? The answer is probably more than $10 per month!

Tips To Check Liked Your Tinder Without Buying Tinder Gold?

Let’s face it the reason many people pay for Tinder Gold is that they want to which people have already liked their profile. What if I told you there was a way to figure out how to see who likes you on Tinder without paying a single cent? Let’s find out!

Tinder already has enough paying subscribers. Do you really need to add your name to that long list? Unfortunately, we can’t get you all of the Tinder Gold features for free but what we can do is show you who liked your profile!

As humans, we are naturally curious so it makes sense that we would want to know how to see Tinder likes. Luckily, it is not that difficult and you won’t have to pay $30 per month!

Before you start following our step by step process to find out how to see Tinder likes you will need to have a laptop or desktop and the Google Chrome browser installed. With these two tools, you can quickly outsmart Tinder and reveal all the people who are attracted to see and swiped right on your profile.

Tinder Hack Number 1.

On Tinder see who likes you for free by following our very quick and simple step by step process.

  1. Log into your Tinder account using your PC by going to Tinder’s homepage. You can access your account by using your mobile number or Facebook account.
  2. After you have successfully logged into your Tinder account you will be able to see a blurry image and the number of people who have liked your profile (if you have optimized your Tinder this number should be sky high!).
  3. Click on the blurry circle where your future matches are waiting
  4. You will be taken to a number of blurry images. These are profiles that have liked you. Click on the first images and select inspect element
  5. The Developer Tool will pop up and you will see the Elements submodule. Navigate towards the bottom of the Styles box and search for ‘filter: blur(12px);’.
  6. After finding ‘blur(12px)’, all you need to do is slightly change it by typing ‘blur(1px)’.
  7. Close the developer tool

After completing this simple process the blurriness of the images will be greatly reduced. You will now be able to see the users’ names and profile images and finally answer Tinder see who likes you?

Unfortunately, even though you now know how to see who you liked on Tinder with this hack you can’t immediately like these users’ profiles. To find them you will have to swipe through manually until you come across them. However, you will know that it will be an instant match when you like their profiles.

Don’t be intimidated by the steps described above. It does not require any technical skills and we were able to unblur the images in under 5 minutes. Just make sure you change the code correctly otherwise the images will remain blurred.

Many Tinder users decide to upgrade to Tinder Gold after discovering they have so many hot girls who have already liked their profile. With Tinder Gold, you can automatically match with all of the people in your liked section and view their full profiles. This is currently not possible with any Tinder hacks.

While this Tinder hack is incredibly effective if for whatever reason it doesn’t work we have another option. This second option also easily allows you to find out how to see Tinder likes.

Tinder Hack Number 2.

To find out how to see who liked you on Tinder without Tinder Gold you can use our simple and beginner friendly hack. Follow these steps to unblur those images and discover what cute girls have swiped right on your profile.

  1. Open Tinder’s home page on PC using your Google Chrome browser
  2. Sign in to your Tinder account and look for the blurred circle on the left hand side of the page
  3. This blurred circle contains all the people who have already liked your profile. You need to click on this circle.
  4. Now you will be taken to a page which features a number of blurred images which represent Tinder profiles who have swiped right on your account. To unblur them right click on a particular image click inspect which will be in the pop-up menu.
  5. You should be welcomed by code. Right click again on the picture and click inspect once more.
  6. Search through the code until you find the word “blur” and delete it. Now just press enter and boom you are done.

Once you remove the word “blur’ from the code you should be able to see all of the images completely unblurred. You will not be able to see the users’ complete profiles but you will be able to see their profile picture, name, and age.

Just like with the first hack you will not be able to instantly match with the profiles you unblur. If you want to match with these profiles you will have to scroll through your feed until you naturally stumble upon them and swipe right.

If you want to match with all of the profiles who have already swiped right on you then just upgrade to Tinder Gold. At just $10 per month, we think it is more than worth it especially if you can instantly connect with the hundreds of people who have already given you a like. Do you have hours to spend scrolling through Tinder, hoping you find the girls who have already swiped right on your profile?

Wrapping Up

Thanks to our article you now know how to see who you liked on Tinder without having to open your wallet and upgrade to Tinder Gold! Unfortunately, there is no way to access all of the amazing features that Tinder Gold offers without paying for the premium membership. While it may be good for your ego or curiosity to find out who likes you on Tinder it does not have that much impact on your user experience if you can’t instantly match with them.

To automatically match with all the girls who have liked your Tinder profile and receive a much higher number of matches due to an increased number of super likes, using the boost function and unlimited swipes purchase a Tinder Gold membership today!

A 1 month Tinder Gold plan costs $30 per month while you can greatly shrink that price by going with a 6 month deal for $12.50 per month or the yearly plan for just $10 per month.

As Tinder Gold has been shown to increase your matches by over 50% we strongly recommend this premium plan for all people who are looking to hook up with beautiful girls via Tinder!

Our Research Methodology

When crafting this article we studied a variety of different Tinder hacks and tested them extensively ourselves. The hacks we decided to promote were found to be the easiest to use, incredibly fast, beginner friendly, and had a near 100% success rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need Tinder Gold To See Your Likes?

Tinder Gold is the easiest way to see all of your likes instantly. And with Tinder Gold, you can match with them right away. With a free Tinder or account or with Tinder Plus you can not see the people who liked you without using special hacks. You can read about our hacks above!

How Do You Tell When Someone Likes Your Tinder?

There are multiple ways to find out if someone likes you on Tinder. You can upgrade your account to Tinder Gold and always be able to see who likes you and match with them whenever you please. You can also use one of our hacks to help you see the profile picture and name of the people who have liked you. Alternatively, you can swipe right through profiles and if you get matches it means they liked you!

Is It Possible To See Likes On Tinder Without Gold?

With this clever and simple trick, you can see which cute girls have been checking out your profile and swiped right! Follow this easy step by step process:

  • Sign in to Tinder on your computer using your Google Chrome browser
  • Look for a blurry image in a circle on the left of your screen
  • Click on the circle
  • Right click on one of the images and click inspect
  • Scroll down the Styles box and search for ‘filter: blur(12px);’
  • Replace with ‘blur(1px)’
  • Close the developer tool

Does It Cost Money On Tinder To See Who Likes You?

Yes, only Tinder Gold users can see who likes them. With a Basic or Plus account, you won’t be able to see your likes.

How To Find Out Who Likes Your Tinder Without Paying?

Follow these steps to instantly view the profile picture and reveal the name of people who have liked your Tinder profile:

  • Log into Tinder via your PC and make sure you use Google Chrome
  • Click on the blurry circle with images of profiles
  • Choose any picture and right-click
  • Select “inspect” from the pop-up menu
  • Look for the word “blur” in the code that will pop up
  • Delete the word “blur” and press enter

Can You Check Who Super likes Your Tinder?

Yes, whenever someone Super Likes your profile on Tinder their profile will be shown to you immediately. You then can make a decision on whether to swipe right or left. The profile will also have an unmissable bright blue star icon. Tinder has found that Super Likes significantly increase the chance of you scoring matches so don’t be shy about sending one to the next cute girl you stumble upon.

Can You Get Tinder Gold Without Paying?

The only way to unlock all of the features of Tinder Gold is to access the 3 day free trial version. To unlock this free trial version you will have to enter your payment details and if you forget to cancel your card will be automatically charged.

Can You See Who Likes You on Tinder Instantly?

If you hold a current Tinder Gold membership you can see who likes your profile instantly and in real time. Whenever someone likes your profile they will be added to the list and you access their profile at any time. Once you swipe right they will be an automatic match and you can begin chatting to them. Now you know how to see who likes you on tinder for free.

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