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Why should you join Match?

Why should you join Match?

Many singles who want to meet new people often ask themselves, ‘Is worth it?’ Usually, no one would wish to join any dating service without knowing if it really delivers. A site with a vast user base, affordable costs, and many success stories is a great platform to join. That said, you should consider since it has all the qualities of a top dating site.

Quick Stats: Is match worth it in 2024? was established in 1995. Since then, the site has pioneered the virtual dating space and positioned itself as a leader. It has served people from different parts of the world for more than 25 years. It has become a household name in many parts as it offers effective matchmaking globally and in 15 different languages.

Its user base is large and diverse. You can virtually interact with singles of various ages and orientations. Statistic Brain reveals that about 49.3 million people have attempted online flirting, and about 23.6 million of them use or have used This number of users is set to increase since the site actively matches users and receives many positive reviews every new day.

Who is worth it for? may not be for everyone who wants to date. It is ideal for:

  1. Anyone above eighteen years of age seeking a serious relationship.
  2. Singles who are not sure how serious of affairs they are seeking.
  3. Singles who want to use a site that offers fast registration and incredible dating tools.
  4. Singles looking for a huge pool of online daters.
  5. Singles who want to explore matches on a classic, formatted website with the option for searching for matches at will.

Plan Comparison: premium vs standard

So, do you have to pay for match? Well, you can use services for free or pay a premium fee. These are the differences between a standard plan and a premium service:

Free Services

Should I pay for match? Honestly, you can still use the site without paying.

With a free account, you can do these tasks;

  1. Account registration
  2. Profile creation
  3. Browse on user search
  4. Participate in a fun matchmaking game
  5. Receive suggestions on matches
  6. View profiles of other members
  7. Send likes

Fee-Based Services

So, is match worth the money? Here are the benefits of a paid account;

  1. Send messages
  2. Instant Messenger
  3. See who has viewed you
  4. Get Match Phone
  5. Browse Invisibly
  6. Get Email ‘read’ notification
  7. Get a spot in daily matches

Is match worth paying for?

Why should I pay for match? Well, there are many reasons why you should pay for dating services.

Duration Costs Total
Premium Plan
3 Months 14.99 USD 44.97 USD
6 Months 11.49 USD 68.94 USD
12 Months 8.99 USD 107.88 USD
Standard Plan
3 Months 12.99 USD 38.97 USD
6 Months 9.99 USD 59.94 USD
12 Months 7.99 USD 95.88 USD/td>
1 Credit 0.99 USD per Credit 0.99 USD
5 Credit 0.80 USD per Credit 4.00 USD
10 Credit 0.60 USD per Credit 6.00 USD/td>

If you are still wondering: how good is, please read these unique features offered by the site.

Is match com worth it? is a dating website that is worth the subscription. You would get to browse through millions of profiles, choose the best, and still have the opportunity to grab one more match if you were not satisfied with the first pick. In addition, you can use any of the following unique features as a premium user;


This is the most recent feature added to its usual set of tools. It is one of the timely dating tools for This feature allows members to set their ideal dating styles with all the information and preferences. It is a feature that was introduced during the covid-19 pandemic. It was aimed at helping the users protect themselves from the deadly virus when they plan to meet in real life. This feature covers the aspect of dress codes and first-date venues.

Real Talk

Some dating site users are not good at bringing up a viable talk. Thus, the site introduced a feature that can help such members begin a conversation with a match. Using this feature, you can receive many suggestions on talk points that you can use to start a conversation with your new match on the website.


This is one of the features liked by most members. With the help of this magnificent feature, you can appear on top of match suggestions for an hour.

Reverse Matches

“Reverse Matches” covers the users with whom you are not compatible. However, you can still browse the section when you want to experience something different.


This feature carries all the members you have liked to their profiles. In addition, it contains the names of members who have liked your profile.

Voice Calls

“Match Phone” is a dating feature that helps users voice-call their matches. The site assigns the users a custom number that can be used to contact other users anonymously.

Highlight your Profile

You will need to click on the ‘Match Me’ feature on a user’s profile to be added on top of their match suggestions list.

Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

If you fail to find a match within the period you had subscribed for, you are not left unsatisfied. offers a match dating guarantee which gives you six months of free membership to find your preferred match. However, this policy applies to all members who have purchased a premium plan for at least six months.

Date Check In

This is a feature that was added to make sure that its users are safe when they go for real-life meetings. Using this feature, you can designate three emergency contacts. These three contacts will get your details, such as your current location, time, and name. During the entire flirting period, will send messages to find out if you feel unsafe or comfortable. If something goes wrong and you click [Yes], the site will automatically send an SOS message to your selected contacts.

Vibe Check

The vibe check feature enables users to interact on a personal level. This is an in-app video chat tool created by to allow members to engage in live chatting. This feature operates uniquely; you can only use it if you have matched or conversed before.

This tool uses a black video icon at the bottom of the texts you have exchanged with your match. If you press it, the video chat request is sent to the other user. The other user can either accept the invite or decline it.

Video Date

The video date element helps users have fun and intimacy while conversing via it.

“Matched By Us” Feature

The website asks a few serious queries about your dating and life goals. The answers you give to these questions are used to avail a match each week that corresponds to them. Thus, the match you get per week is cautiously picked from the huge pool of online daters. You can interact with them using other unique dating tools described above to know them better and even plan a date.

Why is match so expensive? is often classified among the dating options with high prices. But if you are still wondering why is so expensive, please check out the following statement. offers expensive dating plans because members who utilize them are more serious about finding love. Its main objective is to help users who are seeking serious affairs and even marriage partners. That is why it had to separate itself from the sites that are cheap to offer swinging services.

Why Should I join match today?

These are the main reasons why you should join a match and even buy a fee-based service. Check out the above table showing the various plans.

Vast User Base

You probably want a dating site that has a huge user base. can offer that. You will be able to interact with more than twenty million members on the website. The platform has millions of users seeking high-quality connections.

The majority of the platform users are highly educated, successful, and experienced in various fields. Indeed, 75 percent of members are above 25 years, and many are selective about the people they date.

Tons of Unique dating Features and Tools

Apart from the fast sign-up process and the awesome layout of the site, there are innovative features. The site has magnificent features that are hard to find on other dating websites in the same category. The app is modern, the search feature is highly improved to offer preferred search results, and the contact features are great. Besides, you will still get offline events, reliable customer support, and much more.

The website offers one of the best matchmaking algorithms that utilize user profile information to find compatible matches. The matches received are therefore based on true compatibility. This matchmaking algorithm has received upgrades and revamps since the launch of the dating site in 1995. Thus, if you join the site, you can rest assured that the matches you receive are accurately sourced based on the compatibility rate.

High Success Rate

Match has a high number of success stories. It is a site that has managed to create more than 500000 affairs, 92,000 marriages, and many babies. This was revealed in an interview conducted by The Telegraph. In addition, the site is said to be among the dating apps responsible for more than 5.5 million dates in the United States. Is Therefore Worth Your Time and Money

Finally, is worth it? Absolutely yes! is the best online flirting site for quality relationships and dates. It is a dating service that many dating experts have endorsed. Indeed, the high rate of new memberships shows that the site keeps its matchmaking promise, which earns it massive popularity amongst its users and other non-registered people.

Thus, if you want a precise answer to the query: is worth it? You can gladly and boldly say yes. This is because of the magnificent design offered by the site, plus the unique set of dating features. Thus, the right step to take now is to sign up for free. Once you have registered, you should fill out your profile and start finding a match. You can use all the dating features of the platform when you buy the fee-based plan. It is the best plan for you if you want to find love soon. But why is match so expensive? This is because the website uses an advanced matchmaking algorithm that gives you valuable matches every day.

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