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Top Tinder Hookup Guide by the Experts – We Know the Secret of Great Sex

Top Tinder Hookup Guide by the Experts – We Know the Secret of Great Sex

There are hardly any people who haven’t heard of Tinder already. Even though several other dating sites exist on the web, this one seems to be the most popular for obvious reasons. Firstly, Tinder comes with a handful of excellent features that are difficult to find on other platforms. Besides that, the design and usability of the site are also flawless. We are sure there are people in your friends’ group who have already experienced Tinder hookups. But if you haven’t already, or maybe you want to increase the number of Tinder matches you get, then we are here to help.

In today’s guide, our dating experts will walk you through the ways of relishing your Tinder hookup journey better than ever. Furthermore, this article will introduce all the secrets that the successful Tinder members have been using over the years. Once you know these tips, your hookup game will change altogether, and there are chances that you will get laid with a new hot person every day. However, we know that you cannot hold your excitement anymore, and so can’t we! Hence, without waiting any further, delve with us in this Tinder hookup guide now!

A Guide on Creating a Profile that Attract Tinder Hookups

A Guide on Creating a Profile that Attract Tinder Hookups

Online dating, even though it is different from offline dating, one thing stays the same- “the first impression is the last impression.” In this case, your first impression is created on the user by your profile. If you have a good profile, members will want to get laid with you without any doubts. But if you have a poor profile, then your chances of getting laid are quite slim. However, we promise that this will not happen to you! We have got some of the pro tips to help you out with the entire profile creation process. Once you have a kickass profile, learning how to hook up on Tinder will become easy!

Pay Attention to the Photos You Upload

You cannot expect people to like your profile if you have put up a hazy or a bad profile picture. Like, come on, that’s the first thing anyone will notice while swiping on you, so why not put some extra effort here? Even though judging someone based on how they look is not the best method for seeking love, that’s how it has been on online dating platforms to date. But gladly, there are no such pressures that you need to look like a hero or something. A decent profile photo where you manage to look cute, hot, and REAL simultaneously will do well.

You should try and upload a picture where your face is clearly showing. People who upload hazy images get zero hookups. It is so because an unclear photo affects the person’s trust level, and hence, they do not swipe you right. Your profile will look hotter, and be prepared for Tinder hookups if you upload a hot profile picture. By hot, we do not mean nudes for sure! Try to look confident because that’s the sexiest vibe ever. Moreover, if you are unsure which picture shows your best version, you can take suggestions from your friends, and we are sure they will guide you. Whatever you do, never mess up with the profile photo because that matters the MOST!

Write a Bio that Rocks!

Write a Bio that Rocks!

If someone clicks on your profile, they are doing it mostly for reading your bio. So, the next important concern that you should be working on is writing a biography that attracts the best Tinder hookups. Most members will ignore you if you have a boring bio because what you write in your bio shows a good part of your personality. Unfortunately, there are many such cases where people write things like “seeking casual hookup.” Well, that is way too straightforward and also sounds perverted, so it’s a big NO. Even if you are looking for just hookups, there is no need to mention it directly in your bio. Instead, you can propose the idea even in a fun way.

Some great examples of bio are:

“I recently got married and want to see how extramarital affairs work. Oh no, don’t leave, I was kidding! I am single and looking for someone who can make my parents believe that I am not gay! Lol!”

“I am great at cooking recipes and positions that are moan-worthy! Let me know if you want to try some of the deliciousness!”

These bios are fun, and at the same time, they hint at the superior motive of hookup. This kind of write-up totally works. But make sure that you do not copy them from somewhere. Instead, make a personalized bio that reflects your personality in a fun way, and trust us, you will be able to rock it soon!

Create New Social Media Handles

In this world of social media advancements, we are sure you are not lagging, and you already have a Facebook and an Instagram profile. But are these profiles made ages back and contain pictures that bring you embarrassment? Or worse, do these profiles have photos of you and your ex? If you said yes to any of this, please do not link those social media accounts to your Tinder profile.

There are two things that you can do. First, you can delete all those posts. But if you go for this option, then trust us, it’s going to take a lot of time. And also, there are chances that you might forget to delete something. So, better you go for the second option, which is creating a new profile. Yes, create new social media accounts and start staying active there. Upload only those contents, which will make you look cool to the members. Ensure that these profiles have a few genuine friends and followers because you might give an impression of a fake account without that. Put up your best pictures and also post them will some cool captions!

Tinder Hookup Tips of Texting and Inviting Them Over for Hookup

Tinder Hookup Tips of Texting and Inviting Them Over for Hookup

Once you match with someone, it feels like you have finally achieved the joy of being on the platform. But that is where many people go wrong. Getting a match is not that difficult; what matters more is whether you can have a decent conversation with the persona and turn it into a Tinder hookup opportunity. If you are unsure how to open a Tinder conversation and keep it going, stay calm because we have much to share. Keep reading!

How to Open the Conversation?

When people are on a dating site, usually if that person is a girl, their inboxes are mostly full of text messages. Hence, to grab the attention, you need to use Tinder hookup openers that are unique and not copied. For instance, please do not use lame openers like “hello beautiful,” “hey cutie,” etc. These are the worst openers because they are too common. But, unfortunately, almost everyone is using that.

The best tip that we have to offer here is to go through the member’s profile. Once you know what a person likes or dislikes, starting a conversation becomes easier. Unfortunately, that also means you cannot use the same opener on several members at once. Even though this sounds tiring but trust us, it works. When you write a personalized opener after researching the person, they will understand that you truly care, unlike those who copy-paste the same liners for everyone.

You can also start the conversation with a question. For example, if she is a fan of Lucifer on Netflix, then we can simply ask her, “what is it that you desire?” If she truly is a fan, this trick won’t fail because she will reply! Or if he likes Harry Potter, you can ask him which spell he likes the most? There are many such fun questions or openers that you can come up with.

Our last trip here will not use cheesy lines at all. If you thought that cheesy openers work, then no dear, long gone are those days when such liners worked. So, keep away from clichéd openers and use something that looks practical, sweet, and also worth replying to!

Calling Them Over or Taking Them Out

When someone replies to your opener, then chances are the person will continue the conversation. DO not pretend anything that is not true. Be yourself and just talk about random things like you do when you meet your friends. However, do not say something that might piss them off. Keep the conversation within the limit and natural. Also, try your best to answer every text instantly. Even if you cannot reply immediately, do not take more than an hour.

When it seems like both of you are comfortable talking to each other, the next best thing to do would be to ask for their mobile number. We know that Tinder provides a comfortable chatting space to their members, but the conversation becomes more intimate when you have the phone number. Now you know that this person believes you to be real and is willing to continue the conversation.

Just because you got their number, do not change your behavior. Be the same person as you were on the Tinder inbox. Now look for a chance and propose a date. Some people become really comfortable within a few hours, whereas some take a day or so. Remember, there is no hurry at all. So, whenever you feel it is the right time, just simply ask them out without thinking!

Check Hints for Sexting

Did they just say a ‘yes’ to your date proposal? If yes, then do not wait any further and look for chances to start sexting. Well, do not behave like a pervert while sexting. Instead, take the opportunity elegantly and celebrate it like a boss. The best way to start sexting is by teasing the person slightly. If you see that they are taking it as fun and replying with appealing texts, then that’s the right time to get started. Initially flirt, but if everything is going great, do not wait and start sharing pictures. Start with slightly sexy photos first, and if the conversation is in full swing, you can even share nudes!

Finally, if you have already sexted and the date is happening, then select a location that is somewhere near your residence. Now, when you guys meet, you can simply ask them over for drinks if things work out well between you two. If they agree, we hope you know what comes next!

Tinder Hookup Things You Should Never Do

Tinder Hookup Things You Should Never Do

No matter how great the conversation is going, it can all go in vain just for a silly mistake. These are the mistakes that most boys commit, but we want to warn you so that you do not do the same thing. Firstly, please do not embarrass a girl by sharing your dick picture. Even if things are getting hot and she is sending you a nude, you do not send a dick photo unless asked for. You can share your other hot pictures, but a dick picture is something that many girls find annoying. Also, do not share your image wearing underwear. Better wear shorts and then click a photo. Some girls also get pissed when boys send them photos wearing boxers. These two are the major reasons why men often get blocked on Tinder even before the fun begins. So if you want to unlock the secrets of how to hook up with a girl on Tinder, please stop avoid doing these things first!

Next, don’t be too outspoken. Of course, you are there just for Tinder hookups and have no intention of continuing the relationship forever. The chances are that she already knows it. Hence, do not ruin your moment by spilling the truths in a bad way. Unless the other side starts demanding a commitment, you do not have to start the topic at all. Even if asked, please be as polite as you can. That will make you look like a gentleman and help you win the Queen without much negotiation!

How to Convince Someone for Tinder Hookup After They Say No?

How to Convince Someone for Tinder Hookup After They Say No?

It happens mostly with boys that girls step back from the hookup even if things are going right. Now, you have to understand first why a girl does that. Firstly, she might enjoy flirting with you, but she is unsure if hooking up would be a great option. Secondly, she might not feel safe enough to hook up on the first date. So maybe you will have to take her on at least three dates to get laid finally. But that’s fine because everyone has their own rules and nobody should be forced for something they don’t want. However, you can still convince them to say a ‘yes. Wondering how? Well, simply by winning her trust. Do not force her but sweetly ask her why she is not willing for a hookup. If she feels comfortable enough, then she will share with you without thinking much. Then based on her answer, you can make her understand how you will try your best to make her feel comfortable and safe.

But if she is still saying no, then please do not stretch the conversation anymore. Instead, try to befriend her, keep yourself mysterious, and soon she will be charmed enough to take the next step. Unless both the parties are comfortable, enjoying sex would be difficult. So, do not try to change someone’s answer by creating any sort of pressure. Wait for it, and things will eventually work out!

Best Tinder Hookup Locations

Best Tinder Hookup Locations

Now that you have read almost half of this Tinder hookup guide, we hope you know the right ways of impressing a member. But now, we will share with you the best locations where you can find a higher number of matches. Are you wondering if the place affects the number of daily matches? As per the experts, yes, it does. For instance, if you are dating in urban areas where fewer people are exposed to the internet or Tinder is less popular, you will get fewer matches. But if you are dating in a populated country like the USA, then the daily matches will increase massively. Are you thinking about which cities are the best for exploring the finest Tinder hookups? We have covered that below. Have a look!

New York

Well, New York is the first place that tops the list. Here almost every second person is on Tinder, and the city is wildly looking for erotic encounters. In addition, people in New York love hanging out, and hence, you know that you will find many party goers here. So, if you go to a crowded location with pubs and then open your app, Tinder will give you many suggestions from nearby places. Just start swiping right, and trust us, you will get many matches within an hour or so.

New York is also a place that is full of single people. Even those who are into relationships are up for some quirky fun. These people have got the best taste in fashion, and their bed tricks work like a beast. So, when dating in New York, you can expect some wild fun out there!

New York also has some of the best hotels in the world. Hence, if you want to spend a luxurious one-night stand, then, too, this place will be great!


If you want to visit a place where people are super friendly and embrace everyone with a warm hug, Atlanta is the place. So, see Braves or Hawks and start swiping. Many single men and women are active there. Hence, you will get many matches when swiping in that city. Another good thing about this city is that you will also get people interested in long-term relationships here. So, if you ever change your mind and feel like you want to settle down in life, then using Tinder in Atlanta will help.

Atlanta is also known for its cuisine. Hence, you will find many great restaurants around where you can take a person on a date. Of course, spending quality time via romantic candlelight dinners is old school, but still, it works like magic. If you show your romantic side to a girl in Atlanta, then her chances of falling for you are quite high!


If you seek hot girls who have the exact figure like a supermodel out of a magazine, you will find such beauty in Miami. Here, everyone is too stylish to be ignored! You will be in awe when you visit Miami. Fortunately, this place is also full of crowds, and almost everyone here uses Tinder.

The best thing about Miami is the eagerness of people to get laid. Partying and hooking up after each party is a trend here. In such a place, finding Tinder hookups becomes easier. If you also ever think of traditional dating, then, too, Miami is a fine place. Here, some beaches are beautiful, and a walk along the beach is one of the most romantic things to do here. There are also many other romantic locations spread throughout the city for passionate couples. You won’t regret dating in Miami if you ever choose to!

Most Loved and Least Loved Tinder Hookup States

Most Loved and Least Loved Tinder Hookup States

Even though Tinder is popular worldwide, there are still places where it might not be that famous due to conservative thinking. For example, people in many states are not comfortable with the concept of casual sex. In such places, Tinder is used more as a method for finding stable relationships than casual hookups. Also, there are countries where dating apps are banned, so you cannot expect to find even a single Tinder hookup there.

We have done our best research to find out the list of most and least liked Tinder hookup cities. Continue reading!

Best Tinder Hookup States

So far, it is seen that Tinder is most prevalent in Rhode Island. It is probably because populated cities from all sides surround this beautiful island. Also, this place is full of beautiful sceneries that make it perfect for a romantic date first and then ending it with the best sex in a cottage room on the island. The other places on the popular Tinder hookup states list include Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington. We have got more on the list; check it out below:

  • Rhode
  • Ohio
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • Michigan
  • Massachusetts
  • Washington
  • Vermont
  • Pennsylvania
  • Colorado
  • New York
  • Nevada
  • Missouri
  • Oregon
  • Montana
  • Arizona
  • Minnesota
  • Iowa
  • Illinois
  • Nebraska
  • Delaware
  • Georgia

If you ever get a chance, then visit one of these cities, and trust us, your Tinder hookup journey will become smoother!

Least Favorite Tinder Hookup States

Please avoid these cities if you want to find good dates because finding Tinder hookups is not easy here. Check out the list below:

  • Mississippi
  • Alaska
  • Oklahoma
  • West Virginia
  • Louisiana

Closing Thoughts

We hope this guide helped you learn a lot about hookups on Tinder. Well, you must keep in mind that hookups cannot magically happen in a day. You will have to consistently follow all the tips for a few days to see results. Also, make sure that you do not mess up with the openers in a hurry or nervousness. Take your time but come up with the best liners to avoid having to struggle to get replies.

We have also mentioned the things that you avoid doing. Please keep those in mind as well. Once you learn the process and start getting hookups, you will become a pro of Tinder casual sex. Which tips did you like the most in this guide? Share with us before leaving!


We have shared a few FAQs related to Tinder hookups below. Have a look!

What Do One Mean by Tinder Hookup?

Hookups generally mean having casual sex or just foreplay. And as the name suggests, Tinder hookups are those hookups that are found via Tinder. However, it is not always that a Tinder hookup date will have to include sex. You might plan for one, but in the end, if the date does not go well, then hooking up won’t be an option. But that is a rare case because most couples who meet each other on a hookup date do not leave without tasting the fire of desire!

Is Tinder Only Great for Hookups?

No, Tinder is a place for both hookups and serious commitments. However, the platform is far more famous for hookups than for stable relationships. That is why most people label it as a hookup app.

Tinder proudly claims its success rate for both casual sex and lifetime commitments. It is also open to people of all genders and sexualities. So, no matter what kind of relationship you are seeking, Tinder can happily help you out!

Is Tinder Hookup an Absurd Idea?

Absolutely not! Online hookups have become very normal in today’s generation. People who find it absurd either belong to conservative places or are new to it. Initially, you, too, might doubt your decision but trust us, it is perfectly okay to look for hookups in a popular dating platform like Tinder.

Is Tinder Meant for Casual Hookups or Dating?

You will be happy to know that this versatile dating platform is meant for both. Here, you can enjoy both traditional dating and casual hookups of modern times. So, you can use Tinder in whatever way you want!

Is Tinder Used as a Hookup Platform?

As we have said multiple times, we will say now, too, that yes, Tinder is a platform meant for hookups and dating. So many people have found steamy sex encounters here, and hence, it is possible for you too. All you need to do is follow our tips in this guide and set up the profile accordingly for the best Tinder hookups!

The most popular Tinder hookup among the members is one-night stands. This type of hookup is quick and has no strings attached. Hence, people find it the best. Other types might include multiple casual hookup sessions with one person, friends with benefits, and so on.

What Is the Tinder Hookup Success Rate?

The exact statistics related to the Tinder hookup success rate are unavailable on the web currently. But as per the experts, the rate is quite high and far better than the other dating platforms.

How to Differentiate Between Hookup and Dating?

When you hook up, there are no emotional attachments whatsoever. Also, there is zero commitment. You guys will just meet up for great sex, and once done, there is no need to remember each other the next day. On the other hand, dating is the exact opposite. Here, you have got both emotions and commitments attached. Here, too, sex can be there, but the relationship is meant to survive for longer than casual hookups.

Is Hooking Up on Tinder Great?

According to past users, it is more than great. The members on Tinder are super hot, and hence, hooking up with them is an extraordinary experience for most!

What are the Essentials for Hooking Up on Tinder?

A few must-haves for Tinder hookups are:

  • Clear profile photo
  • Interesting bio
  • Genuine social media handles
  • Great openers

How to Ask for Tinder Hookup?

Start the chat with an awesome opener. Keep the conversation going, and then meet for a casual date. If the date goes right, you call her over for a coffee or drink and hook up there instantly.

How to Approach Safe Tinder Hookup Date?

Some safety tips are:

  • Try to learn the most about the person.
  • Meet in public first.
  • Inform your close ones about the date.

How Can I be Sure If a Member Wants to Hookup?

There are two ways of finding if a person wants to hook up:

  • It will be either clearly stated on their profile.
  • Or, they will speak with you frankly and even add a naughty tone to the conversation.

Was Tinder Made Primarily for Hookups?

No, initially, Tinder was made with the motive of promoting love and stable relationships. But soon, this platform started gaining popularity because of its success rate in hookups.

How Many Female Members Enjoy Tinder Hookups?

Long story short, many girls do! It is full of hot girls ready to get laid with men who impress them with their profiles.

What Impresses a Girl on Tinder for Hookup?

A girl gets impressed by seeing the profile picture, reading the bio, and with the opener. So, if you do it all right, then chances are you are hooking up with her in no time!

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