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Tinder Shadowban (Update 2024): Everything You Need to Know About It!

Tinder Shadowban (Update 2024): Everything You Need to Know About It!

Heard about the Tinder shadowban but didn’t know if it’s what has happened to you? You have come to the right place because we are covering everything you must know about the Tinder shadowban. Since it has become pretty common, more and more people are coming out on forums and groups to talk about it and discuss how to remove Tinder shadowban. Well, don’t get worked up if you know nothing about it and are only trying to understand why you’re not getting matches on Tinder. Follow the article to answer all your questions from the most basic to the advanced, including the Tinder shadowban test. So, read on to get the full info on the matter.

What Is a Tinder Shadowban?

Taken over by the Match Group, Tinder is one of the most talked-about dating sites for both good and bad reasons. It boasts of the largest member base and quickest matches. After turning around the way online dating was perceived and practiced, Tinder paved the way for many of its competitors following the same path. But while it has got the name for innovation and a cool identity, complaints of no matches and fake profiles have been on the rise. And that brings us to the topic of Tinder shadowban.

It is a punishment that you receive from the dating site for not following the rules that are, anyways, very few. Although you might never come to know that Tinder is punishing you, you will start realizing that you aren’t getting matched. Now, while not getting matches may have several other reasons like incomplete or unimpressive profile, bad or fake photos, it may also mean that Tinder isn’t showing your profile. In other words, Tinder shadowban refers to the team blacklisting your account, which could happen for several reasons.

Tinder Account Under Review

You have to understand that ban and Tinder shadowban are not the same things. Although account banning is a punishment as well for actions not appreciated by the dating platform, you get notified about it. You get a notification that states that your account is under review in such a case. The warning card also explains the reason for the action. It shows that you have been reported on Tinder many times. However, since the account ban is temporary, Tinder lifts the ban after a few days. Depending on the issue, the ban could last from a few hours to a week. So even though it is disappointing, you at least are aware of the actions taken on you. But that is not the case with Tinder shadowban.

How Does Tinder Shadowban Work?

Even though it seems like a big deal, you would actually be surprised at how easily your account can suffer from the Tinder shadowban. Tinder account reported is the cause behind this phenomenon. And it doesn’t even take multiple reports; sometimes, one report is enough. And if you are a man, the chances are higher because women tend to report accounts not just for abuses but for reasons like late on a date and looks. Yes, harsh but true.

On the other hand, your photos can also be a reason for the Tinder shadowban. Similar to Instagram and Facebook, Tinder has guidelines for photos as well. For example, they can’t display violence, wild animals, or reveal too much of the naked body. So, keep your safari and pool photos at bay if you want to steer clear of getting blacklisted. Have you been looking for the answer to how to get shadowbanned on Tinder? Not following the guidelines, there you have it!

Tinder has several ways to assure safety through authenticity and concentrates on constantly improving the user experience by updating advanced measures for the same. It becomes a difficult task with free access. Tinder shadowban is a measure to keep things under control.

Take the Shadowban Tinder Test

Getting fewer matches does not necessarily mean a Tinder shadowban. You need first to confirm whether you have been really shadowbanned to try and fix the issue. To know, there is no better way than take the test. Let us begin by understanding the two types of Tinder shadowban.

  • Tinder Shadowban Light

A limited number of matches and worse quality of suggestions are the two main problems. You can continue making conversations with matches and make new matches as well meanwhile. Although you may not realize the visibility of your profile gets reduced.

  • Tinder Shadowban Full

No activity. Tinder hides your profile from others, no matches, no messages, nothing.

Now, it’s time to take the Tinder shadowban test.

  1. Has the quality of suggestions been reduced?

This is among the most common reasons why users start suspecting that there may have a shadowban; however, there could be other reasons as well. Moreover, it is only one of the many indications. For example, low-quality matches may be because of lower profile popularity or light Tinder shadowban.

  1. Are you not getting a response to any of the messages sent?

Complaints of fake and inactive profiles on the dating app are on the rise. So not getting responses could either be due to that. However, if you are not getting responses to any messages despite trying to connect with ten people, it is an indication.

  1. Have you received a warning already for your misconduct on Tinder?

If you have previously received a warning about getting reported on Tinder, there is a strong possibility of a Tinder shadowban.

  1. Did you create a new account with your old phone number and Facebook profile?

Did you come back after a long time to Tinder and, instead of reactivating the last one, managed to create a fresh one? If yes, then it could be why you see low-quality matches this time around.

  1. Do you have multiple Tinder accounts?

The Tinder algorithm is advanced enough to detect if the same person is using more than one account. It can evaluate photos. Also, using a profile with a fake photo means the same to Tinder.

  1. Tinder Gold Members – Is the ‘likes you’ list empty?

If you are a Gold Member, you have access to see who likes you. The chances of no one liking you are nil if your profile is complete. So, if, despite having a valid account, there are no likes, it is Tinder shadowban.

  1. Did you recently have a fall out with someone on Tinder?

If your account gets reported on Tinder frequently in a short span of time, you are bound to get shadowbanned. Think if you have had any bad experiences or fights with someone on a date or messenger? Then it would be best if you didn’t complain about why my Tinder is not working anymore.

Tinder Shadowban Fix

Since we have covered the basics, let us get to the real deal. The solution! After all, we are all here to find a solution to getting good dates on Tinder, isn’t it? But finding a solution requires you to find the cause behind the ban as the first step.

We have already discussed the possible reasons for getting a Tinder shadowban. Here is a recap:

  • Not meeting photo guidelines;
  • Multiple accounts;
  • Fake looking profile;
  • Fallout with a match;
  • New account despite an older account with the same number.

Shadowban Tinder Solutions

If it’s the photos, then you know you need to remove the sensitive ones. Wait for a few days after removing the photos; you will notice the Tinder shadowban being lifted. While this is the easy part, being stuck with the other reasons can feel dramatic. Again, it is because the solutions are not easy.

In the case of multiple accounts, you have to find all the accounts using your photo and number and deactivate and delete them permanently. Then, give yourself a rest for few days before making a new Tinder account again.

However, if you have received multiple warnings or think that it is because your account has been reported, then you need to take more intense steps.


Delete the evidence. In this case, your account. Navigate to the settings and select delete account permanently to remove and deactivate the Tinder account currently shadowbanned.


Remove the Tinder app from your smartphone.

Change IP Address

Reset your router and change the IP address. The algorithm can trace the IP address; hence irrespective of what you do, it will always recognize you if you don’t change your IP address.

Create a fresh Facebook profile

Facebook account is used to create a Tinder profile. Since the previous one has been banned, you need to create a new Facebook profile to replicate a new identity.

Use an unused email id or a fresh one.

Another requirement to remove Tinder shadowban is a fresh email id. You can either create one or use a different one. Ensure that the email id used for the new Facebook profile should also be different from the one used for the previous Tinder account.

Set up a fresh App Store account

Do not forget to use your new email id for the app store. Reset the app store, be it Google Play or Apple’s App Store, with a new id.

Get a new number

After covering all our previous identity proofs, you can’t definitely think of using the same number, can you? So instead, use any number that has previously not been used for making a Tinder account.

Try with a new device

Change your device. While you can exchange your smartphone with someone in your family or friends for the purpose, you could also use the Tinder site to register a new device. Just be careful and don’t log in using your old device immediately.

You will need new photos

Since Tinder can read photos, get yourself a nice photo session and make sure you do not upload a single previously uploaded photograph.

The algorithm is smarter than you think

Do not underestimate the algorithm. It is a bot, and hence there is no room for mistakes or let go, which could still be a possibility with manual verification. Treat yourself like a criminal caught red-handed and then running with a new identity.

Tinder Shadowban – The Final Word

Tinder shadowban, especially if it is permanent, can be really difficult to lift. If you can’t let go of the app, you should stay in its good books. Be extra careful if you get warned once. However, unless you are an abusive troublemaker, chances of getting a full Tinder shadowban are rare. So instead of being concerned, concentrate on making a better profile for better exposure and popularity. Also, if you are one of those unfortunate victims of shadowban Tinder applies, you could avoid the overwhelming steps entirely. Use any popular alternative dating apps like Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Happn, eHarmony, OkCupid, etc., instead and save your time.


Am I Shadowbanned?

Take the Tinder shadowban test above in the article to know if you are. Most common symptoms show no new matches, conversations, and degraded suggestion quality.

Are Ban and Tinder Shadowban The Same Thing?

Both ban and shadowban on Tinder can be temporary or light. However, while Tinder informs the user of a ban, shadowban is never notified.

Will Tinder Notify Me Before Shadowbanning?

No, and that is the most annoying part of it. You might not even know for days that you have been blacklisted. It is why so many people start complaining ‘my Tinder is not working’ without understanding that it is a shadowban instead.

What Is a Tinder Shadowban?

It is like a punishment applied by Tinder on the user not following the guidelines laid by the dating app.

Is the Ban Permanent?

Ban could either be temporary or permanent. Either way, you are notified and informed of the reason and the action. However, that is not the case with the Tinder shadowban.

What Happens When I Am Reported On Tinder?

The first report will get you a warning from Tinder. However, consecutive reports may cause an immediate ban. So, you are warned first mostly and then banned. If despite the temporary banning, reports on your account continue, your account gets shadowbanned.

How Long Does a Tinder Shadowban Last?

If it’s a light Tinder shadowban, it will get lifted in a few days or after the problem is solved. For example, a sensitive photo is taken down, or the profile is completed without foul words. However, if the issue involves several complaints by users or multiple accounts, then chances are the shadowban is permanent. It means you will need to create a fresh account by following the Tinder shadowban fix.

Why Did I Get Shadowbanned On Tinder?

The most common reason for getting a Tinder shadowban is breaking guidelines that include fake profiles, inappropriate image upload, foul language, abusive behavior, or multiple reports.

What Is the Tinder Shadowban Fix?

You could either fix your profile if that is the reason behind it or get yourself a new account deleting the banned one. However, it may not be an easy step. Refer to the steps above in the Tinder shadowban fix section.

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