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OkCupid vs. Match – Which Is Better?

OkCupid vs. Match – Which Is Better?

OkCupid and Match are pretty similar in the way they work. The two dating sites are some of the most popular in the world and keep getting more and more visitors. Match has been on the market a bit longer, but today, they both represent a dating industry that is trustworthy, inclusive, and safe.

We are starting this Match vs. OkCupid battle with Match, which welcomes users of any background. Members here are easy-going and open-minded. They are looking for romantic relationships to feel safe. The two apps are suitable for people interested in meaningful connections and fun. It is possible to find a partner of any preference on Match and OkCupid.

When comparing OkCupid vs. Match, it is evident that their audiences greatly differ. However, most people prefer giving these two a try at the same time. OkCupid is available for free, so some users tend to consider it as less reliable. Match seems to be winning a more loyal following. People choose OkCupid for casual dates because the app is more informal and has more younger visitors interested in using it. Match is developed for users who prefer long-term relationships and are more committed when looking for a partner online.

What’s the Difference Between OkCupid and Match?

The main difference between the two dating sites is their history on the market and reputation among users. It is an audience that determines the main perks and disadvantages of each platform. Among key features that make both services so likable are user interface, availability of premium features, overall usability, registration process, and a potential perspective to have an actual date out there in the real world.

When choosing Match or OkCupid, one should consider that their members have different expectations of the service. OkCupid users are mostly into fun, casual dating, and meeting a lot of new people in real life. Yet, Match has a more mature audience that enjoys committed relationships and is rather serious about dating. At this point, Match is more used by people who are into committed relationships and long-lasting affairs.

Both services have massive communities. However, the number of active users is higher at OkCupid. In this round of OkCupid vs. Match, the first platform is a winner. Both websites have well-developed mobile applications that can be downloaded from AppStore or PlayMarket. The design of their apps is attractive and user-friendly. This contributes to the fact that many people prefer OkCupid or Match over other dating sites. OkCupid offers many basic features for free. That is why it has more users. However, Match hosts more than eight million premium users. As for free features, Match doesn’t provide too much. Despite the fact that OkCupid does not allow free members to see who liked them, this community will be more favorable for the majority.

Pros and Cons

OkCupid Match
Pros Quick sign-up process
Sleek user interface and design
Efficient browsing and matching process
Users can make notes and leave them on the matching profile only for them to see
Wide range of search filters
Users may apply the filter of dating goals, for example, hookups, romance, or friendship
LGBTQ community is very much welcome here, and the overall audience is quite inclusive
More customization of profiles
No fake profiles
High privacy and protection
Extended search criteria
Every day, the app sends matching suggestions for active users
Users here are very honest and clear about their intentions
Match’s app is quite efficient and fast
Match seems to be a very secure dating service that cares about its users’ privacy and protection
User interface offers an intuitive experience for their customers
This platform is very inclusive and LGBTQ-friendly
Cons Search filters are advanced
People may send you inappropriate texts if you haven’t clearly indicated your dating goal
When chatting, sometimes users take too long to respond
People cannot see whether their matches have read their messages
It is impossible for free members to see who liked them
Lengthy sign-up process
Complex profile customization
Review and approval of profiles by administration
Pricey premium membership
People cannot see whether their matches have read their messages
Most of the pro features are available only for the premium version
There is no provision for various genders

OkCupid vs. Match: Audience Comparison

Both platforms have the majority of their active users from the United States. However, these communities are well-known worldwide as well.

Match and OkCupid users are looking for serious relationships. Of course, there are those who would like to find one-night stands or hookups, but the majority is interested in serious bonds that lead to marriage. The members are provided with extensive communication features, which facilitate online interaction.

However, the number of those looking for long-lasting relations is higher on Match. Its members do seem to be taking it seriously, as they are more mature and dedicated to adult dating. Thus, when choosing Match or OkCupid, one may take it into consideration.

Both apps are pretty popular among the LGBTQ community too. However, they do not have any exceptionally dedicated group. OkCupid seems to cater more to non-binary people because, in the search filter, they can put in their gender and choose from a wide variety of preferences for swiping. Match does not have these options, which is why users here can only select either male or female when customizing a profile or setting search filters.

Who Has a Better App?

When comparing OkCupid vs. Match mobile applications, it is impossible to choose a winner. Both are advanced, user-friendly, and have the same features as their desktop versions. You can download either of them for Android or iOS devices. Without any doubt, users will be satisfied with everything OkCupid or Match offer them. The contacting features are easy to navigate. And all of them are available for users. Of course, premium subscribers receive a longer list of communication tools.

When speaking about the differences, OkCupid offers a roulette-type matching system. Also, it provides an opportunity to easily and quickly see who send you a message or liked your profile. OkCupid’s application is convenient to use on the go. Your thumb will cope with all of the necessary tasks. When you do not know what to choose, OkCupid or Match, keep in mind that OkCupid has more detailed profiles. Among the drawbacks is the fact that pages are loading slower. Despite this fact, with a tiny prevalence, OkCupid’s application wins this round.

OkCupid vs. Match: Interface and Usability – Who’s Better?

Both apps have interfaces that influence their usability. Match seems to be less complicated, while it also has all of the needed features for casual swiping. OkCupid boasts plenty of essential elements, but some users may also feel like it is a bit too much.

In general, when describing Match or OkCupid, one may say that their websites are user-friendly and straightforward. Their design is modern and attractive. They are continually developing their interfaces in order to meet the standards and requirements of the time. Users are more demanding to all the nuances of each application. The detailed profiles of both platforms facilitate the establishment of strong relationships because the users can know the majority of essential qualities right after visiting one’s page. Moreover, at Match, it is free to look through profiles. Fortunately, the same opportunity is provided by OkCupid. Because of such close similarity, it is impossible to decide which service is better, OkCupid or Match. Their interface and usability are of high quality.

OkCupid or Match: Pricing

Initially, OkCupid was available only for free, which we talk about in this article. However, recently, the company has introduced a premium membership as well. Match is available in both versions: free and paid. At this point, users need to figure out whether those paid versions are worth it. Which service is actually able to offer more to their users – OkCupid or Match?

For OkCupid users, the basic features such as swiping, matching, and chatting are available for free. People can also navigate through profiles absolutely for free. They can switch to incognito mode and spy on other profiles. An outstanding paid option on OkCupid is “profile boost,” which lets members move their profile to the top of the member list.

OkCupid Match
Paid membership:
One month $19.95 per month
Three months $14.95 per month
Six months $9.95 per month
Standard plan
three months cost $19.99 per month
six months cost $16.99 per month
twelve months cost $15.99 per month
Premium plan
three months cost $23.99 per month
six months cost $19.99 per month
twelve months cost $16.49 per month

When talking about Match com or OkCupid, most of Match’s features are available in a paid membership only, and no basic features are free. Be that as it may, Match is also slightly more expensive than OkCupid, especially when it comes to long-term subscriptions. There is no one-month subscription, and the minimum membership time is three months that is billed as a single payment.

In comparison to other online dating platforms, Match has a rather loyal price list, and the features that it offers are worth it. Paid membership has many perks: boosting profiles, getting more visitors, receiving notifications and unlimited likes, and prioritizing messaging with the chosen profiles. On the whole, all Match features are worth it, and the user cannot wish to get more.

What Is the Right Choice – OkCupid or Match?

GOOD FOR flirting and finding a partner
GOOD FOR finding an ideal partner

Both platforms have many perks that allow them to be quite popular worldwide. In the OkCupid vs. Match battle, it is difficult to choose a winner. Each of the services has its advantages and disadvantages. OkCupid has for a long time been available only for free, which is why all of its functions were pretty basic, even though there are plenty of those. The site recently introduced paid options, where some parts such as incognito mode, profile boost, and priority messaging have been made VIP. Match has come up with free and paid membership plans. Thus, people can choose what suits them most. Both Match and OkCupid have a user-friendly interface and seem to be pretty easy to use on a regular basis.

To sum it up, it is worth saying that OkCupid and Match are great dating platforms for 2024. Both welcome members seeking long-term and casual relationships. Among the millions of subscribers, one will surely find an appropriate match according to their preferences and desires. On Match, people are mainly looking for serious relationships. OkCupid is open for various types of relationships. That is why with a slight advantage, OkCupid wins this OkCupid vs. Match war because it has a wider audience and offers more features.

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