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Affiliate Disclosure Cost Guide for Online Dating Buddies – Latest Update 2024 Cost Guide for Online Dating Buddies – Latest Update 2024 cost is a common query of people planning to join the dating site for finding love. Since the site is very well-known, it will not be surprising if it comes as the first thought on your mind. Ranking amongst the top three dating sites on the internet, has become a legend in the dating world. However, how much is Match becomes a concern for everyone before trying the dating site or app. Starting at 15.99 USD a month, the decade-old dating site comes with a 6-month guarantee and a three-day trial offer. Despite there being free alternatives, has managed to get one of the largest userbases. It means irrespective of the cost, the popularity doesn’t falter, referring to its effectiveness in finding good matches. So, let us look at the Match com membership, prices, and features before coming down to see if it’s worth the money.

How Much Is In The US, Canada & UK?

The price in the UK varies from the US and Canada, where the dating site has kept the same cost. Let us take a look at the pricing before going to the other details. Cost in the US & Canada

Pricing Match Com
Duration Total Cost Per Month
3 Months 59.97 USD 19.99 USD
6 Months 101.94 USD 16.99 USD
12 Months (1 Year) 191.88 USD 15.99 USD Cost in the UK

Match Com Rates
Duration Total Cost Per Month
1 Month £29.99 £29.99
3 Months £59.97 £19.99
6 Months (1 Year) £77.94 £12.99

The two tables show how the Match com fees vary from country to country. While you can purchase the plans using any of the several payment modes, you may also be lucky to get some discounts. However, since the discounts are seasonal, you cannot judge an exact amount.

Additionally, you may also choose to try the website using the free three-day trial available on the dating site. To ensure that the users can only use the trial once, they ask for your payment details. So irrespective of zero Match com fees, you will need to process the free trial like a membership plan purchase, only you will not be charged anything. It is a great way to estimate the popularity of the dating platform in your area and see if the audience base looks good. With popular dating sites becoming full of fake profiles, a trial pack on a reputed premium dating site helps you to confirm the audience’s quality and avoid getting scammed.

Additionally, the cost may seem a little on the expensive side, but it comes with a guarantee that no other dating site offers. However, the guarantee does not come with all plans. Since is famous for finding love, dating experts recommend using the site for a minimum of 6 months to find a good date. Serious relationships cannot flourish in a day and hence take time; however, Match guarantees to find you a partner worth getting married to in 6-months to 1-year. If not, you get six months of membership for free.

But there is a catch; the guarantee only comes with the plans of 6 months and 12 months, not with the one and three-month memberships.

Is The Cost Worth the Value the Membership Provides?

After looking into many, and when we say many, we mean a lot of reviews, we have concluded, Match is a good dating site. The real highlight of the dating platform is the large worldwide audience that traditionally lets you connect with people. It is the choice you make when you are tired of quick dates from your locality because that is not how you find soulmates. With its advanced filters and global popularity, Match makes it possible for people to build strong bonds. Statista reports 11.1 million paying members on Match in the last quarter, which is exemplary. So many people have gone out on dates, found love, friendships, and even meaningful and long-lasting relationships. The reviews and consistent experiences are reasons why Match ranks as one of the top three dating sites in the world.

However, since you are looking at the cost, it means that you are considering joining the dating site. In that case, dating experts recommend purchasing at least a three-month membership. Firstly, because one month is too little time to find a meaningful relationship, and secondly, the Match cost of one-month membership looks extremely overpriced. Cost VS. Features

The answer to how much does Match cost cannot find the real value of the memberships. Besides the reviews and audience size & quality, which, of course, are very important criteria, it is the features that play a crucial role as well. cost gets such attention because there is nothing much that you can do for free on the dating platform. Even though the site allows free registration, you are bound with extreme limitations to enjoy online dating with a free Match account. Hence, upgrading to a membership becomes a must, and so comes the consideration of the cost.

However, let us get back to comparing features that come for free vs. the ones you get after paying.

Features You Don’t Have to Pay Match Com Fees For

  • Registration
  • Profile Setup
  • Upload Photos
  • Appear on search
  • Make custom search
  • Access suggested matches
  • Sending winks
  • Mobile app

If you pay attention, you will realize the communication isn’t available with a free account, and this is while being the most basic requirement for making connections.

Features You Pay Cost For

  • Contact singles: get access to all means of communication available on the site.
  • Priority access to events: be a part of all the events organized by Match and get invites.
  • Instant Messenger: enjoy real-time and convenient conversations using Instant Messenger.
  • Email messages: Impress people on the dating site by composing a romantic but not cliché love letter. Email lets you introduce and express yourself with a long message while the IM can’t provide that.
  • Stay connected on mobile: Use the mobile app, and with a special feature, talk to members on the phone without sharing your phone numbers.
  • Remove profiles you don’t like: Remove and block members you don’t like instantly from your favorite list.
  • Find out the profile visitors: Don’t miss the people who visit your profile. Besides finding new people, it also helps you understand the response rate on your profile.
  • Save custom search filter: create your own custom search, using all the advanced filters from the search and save them for a quick one-button search in the future.

So, besides all the free features, you get access to the above features that help you make new connections on

How to Use the Dating Site After Paying Cost?

Since registration is compulsory, you cannot enter the dating platform without signing up for Match. It requires you to complete a small application form with the basic details needed to create an account. While registration takes less than 3 minutes to complete, it is the next step that takes time. Setting up a profile is what we are talking about. You may skip it for the time being if you want, but do not avoid it. Complete your profile by giving maximum details using its entire space. Profile setup also includes adding profile photos which is another important step. Understand that your profile acts as your identity on the dating site; the more attractive it looks, the better response you will get. Also, the more authentic you make, the more compatible matches you will receive, which again means more chances for long-lasting relationships.

Once you complete the basics, move to purchase one of the available memberships or the trial by paying for a cost. You may even explore a few suggestions and send winks before upgrading your account on the dating site. Besides the suggestions, you can use the advanced search filters to find your perfect soulmate. Then, send winks to the profiles you like or message using Instant Messenger or email if you are approaching for the first time. Dating experts recommend sending a good email. Instant Messenger is more for real-time text-based conversation when both are online.

How to Avail the 6-Month Free Membership Guarantee?

We have already told you about the 6-month guarantee membership that you get for free by paying up the cost. However, claiming the guarantee isn’t very easy. Hopefully, you didn’t expect the dating site not to make the cheating proof. Mentioned below are all the requirements for a claim to be considered:

  1. Purchase a 6-month membership plan.
  2. Create an honest profile and complete it.
  3. Upload a good photo of you that shows your face properly. Also, you cannot remove it. Do not use a fake photo or a photo that doesn’t show your face nicely.
  4. Initiate and respond to at least five new email conversations each month.

It means after failing 30 times consecutively, you can claim the free six-month membership. That’s it, nothing more.

How Much Discounts Can You Get on Cost?

The cost is seasonal. The dating site offers discounts from time to time for different countries. While 25% is quite common, if you are lucky, you can get more. The dating site also releases promo codes with special promotions. You may receive promo codes to your registered email or find them on different coupon websites. If you keep your eyes open, you may save up to 75% on the Match cost.

How Much Does Match Cost? – The Conclusion

The cost of the dating site varies from location to location. But if we have to talk numbers, then the cost lies between 16 and 20 USD per month. It depends on the size of the plan in the US. The plans may seem expensive, especially the ones with a short duration. However, you can consider the 6-month membership, which besides being much cheaper, comes with the 6-month guarantee. Therefore, it acts as a major value addition to the membership plan. Also, since you cannot expect to make lasting relationships in a month, you should at least think of purchasing the 3-month plan if not for 6-months.

Alternatively, you may choose niche dating sites as well. Niche dating sites like FarmersOnly, Elite Singles, Grindr, etc., may have a smaller user base but allow you to find a partner from a more targeted audience. As a result, it ensures less competition, better suggestions, and faster results. However, if traditional dating sites with a larger user base and a generic audience give you more confidence, you can try eHarmony, Bumble, OkCupid, etc., as well.

While we have covered most of the things, we haven’t mentioned a warning. The large dating sites with generic user bases attract a lot of attention from criminals, which even though most of the time are not paying members, you should remain careful. Hence it is suggested that you take time and talk before trusting someone on online dating sites. But, on the other hand, if you are paying the cost, why not make the most of it?!

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