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Is Tinder Worth It Now, Despite The Amazing Alternatives In 2024?

Is Tinder Worth It Now, Despite The Amazing Alternatives In 2024?

Is Tinder worth it? Here is a question that stays trendy irrespective of the time, irrespective that Tinder now has been there in the industry for nine years. Also, it boasts of global popularity that no other dating platform has ever achieved. Yet, despite being the fastest dating app, there are questions about it being a waste of time. It is fascinating how people, including those not aware of the online dating scenario, talk about Tinder and swiping. It’s like you can question it, not like it, but can’t ignore it! But then again, is Tinder good? Is it worth all the buzz it is always surrounded with? Let us find the answer to that step by step!

Tinder Pros & Cons

There is no better way to know the answer to “should I join Tinder?” than looking at the pros and cons of the dating app.


  • Massive popularity. If questions like “should I get Tinder?” keep plaguing your mind, ask yourself why are you looking for a dating site in the first place? To meet someone special, right? The chances of meeting such a person only increase when you join a place with thousands of people, which is exactly what this dating app gives you.
  • Global Popularity. Not just in the US, but Tinder is popular across the globe. And if you are using the app from big cities, there is absolutely no space for disappointment.
  • Free. Though Tinder does have premium plans like Tinder Plus, Gold, and Platinum, its free version is quite usable. The answer to “is Tinder worth it?” comes as yes because of this.
  • Trendsetting Interface. Tinder introduced the swiping feature, which took over the internet by storm. The design is an amalgamation of ease and speed.
  • Quickest Dates. The popularity, design, and audience together are responsible for landing up with the fastest matches.
  • Passport. Tinder passport, even though paid, is a unique feature that eases dating for travelers. Change your location and fix a location setting for a certain date in advance to keep your vacation exciting.


  • Finding love is not easy. Tinder is a fast dating app that mostly provides hookups and casual dates. It is rarely used for love searching, so it may take some time to find love if that is what you are looking for.
  • Swiping can be addictive. The design of the app is so addictive that you may spend hours without realizing it and later think, “is Tinder worth it at all?”
  • Using Tinder in small towns may not be fun. The location plays a big role in the Tinder experience since it is location-based. It is generally noted that the popularity of Tinder outside big cities is low, resulting in low nearby users.
  • Fake and inactive profiles are present. Despite Tinder needing Facebook and phone number verification, you will encounter many fake and inactive profiles.
  • Be prepared for getting ghosted. Since most people use Tinder for casual dating and hookups, don’t be heartbroken if the person you thought things were going great with suddenly vanishes.

Who Should Use Tinder?

Tinder has 75 million users currently, which itself answers the question, “Is Tinder a good dating site?” A user base that large cannot come just like that, right? There have to be reasons for so many people to trust the dating site with their time and, at times, money as well. However, the experience of the users varies a lot, and the reason behind it is their identification. Sounds confusing? What we mean is that Tinder’s majority of the audience has a specific identity; if you fail to fall in sync with them, chances are you will be disappointed.

While Tinder is popular with anyone below 32 years, it is also great for any sexualities. The only thing one needs to be careful about is the intention. The short profile with the focus on photographs is proof that Tinder is superficial. It is great for casual dating and especially hookups because of the location-based matching, but love? That seems dicey on Tinder. Ghosting is common; fake profiles, sudden inactivity, sexual inclinations, and everything on Tinder screams “temporary.” Does that mean that people on Tinder don’t fall in love? There are several such cases, but the percentage is low, and so is the success rate of such relationships.

Is It Worth Paying For Tinder?

Tinder, as mentioned before, has a free version that is quite usable. However, it also offers paid premium plans for additional and exclusive features. But purchasing any of those plans is entirely optional to users since communication and swiping, the two basic functions needed for online dating, are free. But if it is optional, why should you pay, and is paying for Tinder worth it? You can only decide the answer to that question. But before you make a verdict, you must know the fun and features you are missing without an account upgrade.

Is Tinder Worth It? Free Vs. Paid Features

Tinder never stops innovating and introducing new features. It’s always amazing to see how it manages to keep its minimalistic approach with all its new features. While Tinder is launching Explore, given below is the list of all the features that you can avail yourself for free on Tinder:

  • App download
  • Registration
  • Verification
  • Profile setup
  • Photo uploads
  • Swipe on suggestions
  • Get matched
  • Start conversation with matches
  • Change preference and distance from settings.
  • Edit profile
  • Browse profiles
  • Hide profile

The simple and nice list of free features gets a boost with the paid upgrades. So, is paying for Tinder worth it?

  • No ads

While free Tinder means ad disturbances, upgrading the account to any of the Tinder plans means an advertisement-free experience. It means a clean interface and no distractions.

  • Unlimited likes

Tinder free allows only 100 swipes right per day; however, that limit gets removed once your account gets upgraded.

  • Rewind

Once you start using Tinder, you will realize that swiping has become a habit. And because of that, many times, you may make a wrong swipe without checking the profile by mistake. Rewind in such a case feels like a must, especially when you left-swipe and lose an opportunity. You get to kick out those worries with unlimited Rewinds that come with a premium plan.

  • Passport

With the Passport feature, you can change your location to another city before traveling there physically. This lets you find a date in advance and gives another yes for ”is Tinder worth it?”

  • Who likes you

Once you upgrade with a premium plan, you can also see all the people who like you. In addition, it helps you with quicker matches since you already know right-swiping on those profiles will lead to a match.

  • Top picks

Top picks are a comparatively new feature. After studying your behavior on the app, the Tinder algorithm sorts out profiles exclusively for you that seem the most right-swipe-worthy. These have very high success rates and are hence in demand.

  • Boost

While popularity is a great thing since it assures matches, sometimes it may feel that your profile is getting lost in the crowd. But instead of thinking, “is Tinder worth it?” try Boost to take your profile higher on the rank for more exposure and better matches.

  • Super Likes

Once you upgrade to Tinder Gold or Platinum, you get five Super Likes per week. It gives you a blue star in the middle. So, while you can swipe right and left to show your preference, swiping up indicates that you have super liked them. Advantage? The person, irrespective of their account type, would be able to see that you have super liked them.

  • Priority Likes

Understanding that the huge audience base, especially in a large city, may create competition, Tinder introduced priority likes. Priority likes help reach your normal and super likes faster to the person you liked before others. So, they know they are being prioritized over others with these ones.

  • Message before match

The feature lets you attach a message with your super like. However, it is only available to Platinum users.

  • Who you like

It’s a list of all the people you like. It lets you see at a glance how many have responded yet.

Besides, Tinder has also introduced a panic button to ensure user safety during dates.

Is paying for Tinder worth it? While we know what we need to pay for, the real worth of Tinder premium can only be judged by their prices. It comes down to the available plans from the dating site. So, to begin with, Tinder has three types of plans with two types of pricing for each. While there is a difference in price between the plans, the price also varies for people above and below the age of 28. Sounds confusing? Here is a spread of the available premium plans of Tinder and their prices.

Is Tinder Plus Worth It?

1 month- 9.99 USD

6 months- 34.99 USD

1 year- 54.99 USD

Besides the free features, Tinder Plus gives you access to an ad-free interface, unlimited likes & rewinds, and the Passport feature. Also, the cost of Tinder Plus for people above 28 years ranges between 19.99 and 80.00 USD.

Is Tinder Gold Worth It?

1 month- 14.99 USD

6 months- 52.99 USD

1 year- 82.99 USD

Besides getting what you get for free and with Tinder Plus, you get access to Top Picks, 1 Free Boost a month, 5 Super Likes per week, and see who likes you. And if you are above 28, then the plan starts at 29.99 USD.

Premium Platinum- Is Tinder Worth It?

1 month- 14.32 USD

6 months- 50.10 USD

1 year- 71.64 USD

Similar to the other plans, the price changes for users above 28 years, for whom the plan starts at 17.99 USD. In terms of benefits, you get to enjoy everything Tinder has to offer its users. However, there is a condition to purchasing Platinum Plan; you cannot buy it straight away. Meaning you will have to upgrade your plan from Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold only.

Final Verdict: Is Tinder Worth It?

If you consider the free version of Tinder, then it’s worth your time irrespective of your intentions from a relationship to long-termed relationships. However, if you are planning to go premium, then comes the question of comparing each plan and, most importantly, is Tinder a good dating site for you. The first thing to consider is whether you are looking for casual dates or hookups? If yes, then upgrading your account is worth a shot, but if not, then it would only mean a waste of time and money. Going forward, is Tinder Plus worth it, Reddit users say? According to them, it is okay only if you are looking for the Passport feature; otherwise, the Tinder Gold membership is better. It is because you get access to a few more features by adding a few dollars. However, nothing makes sense if you are above 28 years old because of the price jump.

In such a case, consider Tinder alternatives like Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Happn, Hinge, etc., instead.


Is Tinder Plus Worth It?

Tinder Plus is the cheapest premium plan available on the dating app. Upgrading to the membership gives you access to an ad-free interface, unlimited likes, and rewinds, besides the Passport feature. It comes at 9.99 USD for a month for users below 28 years. However, for 14.99 USD, besides getting the above mentioned, you also get access to the Top Picks, Super Likes, Monthly Boost, and who likes you. While we think Tinder Gold is better than Tinder Plus, you may have a different opinion because of your requirement and budget.

Is Paying For Tinder Worth It?

If you are in a largely populated area where Tinder is immensely popular, and you are finding it difficult to get quality matches, paying up is worth it. The prices are comparatively lesser than what other platforms ask for, and the popularity is unmatched. If you are below 28 years old, then it’s especially worth a trial.

Is Tinder a Good Dating Site?

The definition of good changes with two things, first how popular Tinder is in your location since small towns residents may not find much activity in the app. And second, what purpose are you using Tinder for? If it’s love and marriage, you may want to rethink, but if it’s hookups and casual dates, “should I join Tinder?” shouldn’t even be a question for you.

Is Tinder Worth It?

Tinder, because of its free version, is always worth it. You get to experience the app full-fledged before paying for any of the premium plans. Moreover, the global popularity and the design are everything you cannot miss, even if you are not interested in dating.

Is Tinder Good For Hookups?

Tinder should be your first choice for hookups. The popularity, geo-based matching, and high activity rate help you land with the fastest dates. Additionally, the presence of like-minded people makes the experience more comfortable and seamless.

Is Tinder Good For Men Or Women?

It is great for all sexes of any sexuality. Tinder’s global popularity is its biggest highlight which is why it attracts all types of people, making it great for everyone.

Are There Any Risks Of Using Tinder?

The risks are the same with any other dating platform. Risking privacy with cheaters and scammers and getting attacked by blackmailers and money launderers are risks that remain with every popular dating app. But what comes additionally with Tinder is the risk of crossing paths with a family member. All thanks to its popularity. And yet, you can’t say no to “is Tinder worth it?” because it is!

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