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HAPPN vs TINDER – Which Is Better?

HAPPN vs TINDER – Which Is Better?

Finding a partner is not the most straightforward task. Many software was created to make the process of searching much more accessible. People ask themselves about which app is more appropriate for them, where to find the most beautiful males and females, etc. So, let’s compare two successful services and finally find the answer to the annoying question – ‘Happn or Tinder?’

Tinder is the most popular dating app used in about 196 countries. It is also known as a perfect place for hookups and short-lasting affairs. Tinder owes its popularity to its simplicity and usability. The search area is not limited, and a possible date can be waiting for you in another city or even a country. Moreover, swipe technology helps you find a partner in a short time with just one move. According to the company’s data, a smile in the photo will grow the chance of getting a match, so remember this unspoken rule while creating a profile. However, selection mainly relies on a person’s attractiveness, so it will probably take time to find a real soulmate.

On the contrary, Happn is younger than its competitor but managed to gather many users around – more than 20 million. In contrast to Tinder, this app is beloved by seekers of long-lasting relationships and building a family. It matches users by their geolocation with someone they have recently seen so that the possible date can be in less than 250 m. Besides, interests, hobbies, job – that’s all is the main point in Happn’s matchmaking. It’s the most appropriate app for those who live in the city centers or busy places. Also, this service will help active users who move around the city a lot and sometimes don’t have time to notice people they encounter.

What’s the Difference Between Happn and Tinder?

Looking at these apps for the first time, you may say: ‘They were created for one purpose. How can these two differ?’. Obviously, the color of their icons is completely unalike, but be sure, it’s not the only thing.

Tinder and Happn are both about dating, finding a partner, but at the same time, they have apparent differences. Tinder is about matching in an area of 2-160 km. What is more, a user could change their geolocation and find a partner abroad. Also, the selection process is carried out with ‘swipe right’ – if you liked a person and ‘swipe left’ – if not. After this procedure, users will never see ‘left-swiped’ in their recommendations. The reason why people should be careful using Tinder is the possibility of losing an attractive date accidentally by swiping to the wrong side.

On the contrary, Happn focuses on singles that you cross paths with. It makes this app different from other dating services because it is based on interactions in real life. It means when someone visits the same place as you, it shows on the app’s map. The next step is to send either a ‘Heart,’ a message, or deny a person. There is also no possibility for spam or sending unpleasant emails; this is also a point that helps Happn stand out from the competitors. Comparing to Tinder, the chance of missing an appropriate partner is less on Happn. As you can see, the main difference is in the way of matchmaking. Happn finds users you were nearby, and Tinder creates matches by your swipe online.

Pros and Cons

Each of these apps has some dark sides and particular qualities. Even if they both are for years at a dating marketplace, there is always room to grow. In this table, you’ll see a comparison of the best and the worst sides that Tinder and Happn have because it is the best way to decide who is more user-oriented and cares about their safety and wellbeing.

Pros Cons
Quick registration Users over 30 years pay more for extra features
Many users Based on appearance
Messaging with no time limits User can waste a lot of time just swiping
Suitable for seekers of all kinds of relationships Bots, scammers, catfishers
Saves time over traditional dating Inability to undo an accidental swipe
Welcomes all genders Limited information about a user
Video-chat feature Matching doesn`t mean an actual date
Likes and messaging is free Gender imbalance (72% of users are male)
Extra features are paid
Pros Cons
Minimum chance of encountering a bot or fake account A lack of options for small-city residents
Profile creation takes about a minute There is no search option
Basic features are available for free No desktop version
For IOS and Android Geolocation must be turned on all the time
The required information gets imported from one’s Facebook profile Advanced features cost money
Ability to link other apps such as Spotify or Instagram
Most likely, a user has a lot in common with the matches because of visiting the same places
Ability to like a profile anonymously

As you see, these apps have nearly the same number of advantages and disadvantages, so the Happn vs Tinder battle is still going on. Both services export data from Facebook, so you can be sure that the person you talk to is real. However, disclosing any information on the internet damages your security, so no one is 100% protected now.

HAPPN vs TINDER: Audience Comparison

Now it is time to compare the audiences of Tinder and Happn.


This app is youth-orientated, so 18-24 years old is the most popular age category (about 50% of all Tinder users). People aged 25-34 also use it a lot, and together these two groups create 85% of the whole community. Tinder is ranked first in the list of the most popular dating services in France, Brazil, the US, the UK, and other counties, so it has a wide range of nationalities, cultures, and mentalities. ‘Shy’ and ‘sarcastic’ are the most common words that females use to describe themselves. Male singles usually characterize their personality with the word ‘nerd’ or ‘smart.’ If you look at the collected data after researching, the average Tinder user is active, adventurous, has a soft spot for conversations about books, dogs, and food.


As with Tinder users, 18-29 is the most popular age group (47.6% of all Happn members). Almost half of all users are from Brazil. Happn is also popular in India, Argentina, France, and the Netherlands. Presumably, its members are more interested in serious relationships. They also prefer an active lifestyle, because the more places you visit, the more opportunities to meet a perfect date. Happn singles are more involved in the app throughout the day than users of other dating services.

In general, the audiences are similar in their interests. This similarity increases the chance that they will find a partner. On the apps like Tinder and Happn, it’s easy to meet any personality, age, gender, religion, and food preferences, as there are many users from all over the world.

Who Has a Better App?

In most dating apps, men are in the majority, so the search process is a little more difficult for them. At the same time, if we consider Tinder, there are 72% of male users. It increases the possibility of ghosting and ignoring from female part because girls have many requests for correspondence. Another disadvantage is scammers. Behind the pretty women’s face can be someone who wants only money. Of course, Tinder has many advantages for men too. For instance, a significant amount of options and numerous women types based on personality and appearance. Also, many happy couples were created with the help of this app.

Happn is more about proximity and chance, so the possibility of meeting a woman with the same interests is much more significant. It is also known that many ladies on Happn are beautiful; therefore, the chance of ideal matchmaking is much bigger. However, this application has the same drawback as Tinder, and it is about ghosting again. At the same time, scammers are rarely seen on Happn so that users can be confident in their match’s sincerity of intentions. Considering all the information, Happn is more suitable for men who want to build a family or find an interesting partner. Tinder can help you boost self-confidence and practice texting skills, but getting a real date will be more challenging. So, your purpose should help you decide – Happn or Tinder.

HAPPN vs TINDER: Interface and Usability – Who’s Better?

As you already know, Tinder was the first dating app, so their marketing and interface strategy was honed through the years. Software is easy and simple in its use. Moreover, Tinder’s creators applied ‘swipe’ to the searching process of a partner. Gamification is always a great choice, so no wonder that Tinder uses it in full. With its help, the user experience becomes more joyful and brighter. However, there you can meet different people who downloaded Tinder for various reasons. Because of the lack of filters, someone who searches for love could waste time with a person who is just practicing a language. This app is simple and lets everyone adapt there in a short period. When users swipe profiles, they see only one at a time; that is why searching can be endless and time-consuming.

Happn user experience imitates an actual life meeting. What is more, there is no search option, so finding a partner becomes more personal. The interface is simple so that both a beginner and a pro can navigate it easily. The calming blue palette makes the design more pleasant and soothing. Happn also has a website where you can find the answer to any of your questions. CrushTime is a part of gamification on Happn, which is also centered on engaging users in-app. Moreover, this service uses a lot of animation to make people feel they are in a game.

In design decisions, it is difficult to choose ‘Happn or Tinder’ because they are trying to catch the user’s eye and be the best on their market.

HAPPN or TINDER: Pricing

When you start both apps, they are free, but if you want to access additional features, you need to buy Plus or Gold Tinder or Premium Happn. In this table, you will find all information about pricing and exclusive features.

Tinder Membership (if you are under 30 years old)
1-month 1-month 6-month 6-month 12-month 12-month
Monthly Total Monthly Total Monthly Total
Plus $4.99 $4.99 $3.00 $18.00 $2.33 $27.96
Gold $14.99 $14.99 $8.83 $52.98 $6.92 $83.04
Tinder Membership (if you are over 30 years old)
1-month 1-month 6-month 6-month 12-month 12-month
Monthly Total Monthly Total Monthly Total
Plus $4.99 $4.99 $3.00 $18.00 $2.33 $27.96
Gold $14.99 $14.99 $8.83 $52.98 $6.92 $83.04
1-month 1-month 6-month 6-month 12-month 12-month
Monthly Total Monthly Total Monthly Total
Premium $24.99 $24.99 $15.00 $89.99 $10.00 $119.99

Plus features of Tinder:

  • Limitless right swipes
  • 1 free boost monthly

for 30 min you will be at the top in your area)

  • Hide one’s age
  • Hide a distance
  • Passport Your Location to anywhere
  • 5 Extra Super Likes per day
  • See recently active people first
  • Show profile only to people who liked you
  • Don`t show ads
  • Undo your previous swipe

Gold features of Tinder:

  • Match with people instantly
  • Limitless right swipes
  • 1 free boost monthly
  • Hide your age
  • Full access to top picks and likes
  • Hide your distance
  • Passport Your Location to anywhere
  • 5 Extra Super Likes per day
  • See recently active people first
  • No ads
  • Undo your last swipe
  • Show profile only to those who liked you

Happn paid features:

  • Crush Time (a game where you guess who liked you)
  • Hide ads
  • Set privacy settings
  • Send up to 10 hellos per day
  • Be invisible according to schedule

As you can see, Tinder is cheaper than Happn and have a more extensive set of additional services. Although, extra features could make a selection process more accessible and comfortable. However, Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are almost alike, so users should carefully make a choice.

What Is the Right Choice – HAPPN or TINDER?

GOOD FOR flirting and meeting interesting people
GOOD FOR communicating, flirting, and finding a partner

Both Tinder and Happn brought their innovative ideas to the field of online dating. Tinder is more about communication, time spending, etc. On the contrary, Happn creates a tender feeling of an unexpected encounter. The battle called `Happn vs Tinder` is coming to an end, and we can say that these apps are two strong players in the dating market. Each of them has significant advantages that distinguish it from others. To sum up, Happn suits you more if your priority is finding a partner to create a family and build strong relationships. If you want a hookup, Tinder is your best bet.

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