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Grindr vs Scruff – Which Is Better?

Grindr vs Scruff – Which Is Better?

Modern tasks require modern solutions – this rule applies to dating as well. Online dating has become a trend all over the world. How to choose the most suitable dating service for yourself? Of course, basing on common lifestyle preferences and sexual orientation with the person!

Today, with the popularity of LGBTQ dating apps, it may be difficult to find the right dating platform to cater to everyone’s preferences. The variety of gay dating platforms gives us a lot of possibilities and, at the same time, brings a problem: which one is more effective? Today, we are going to compare two popular LGBTQ dating apps – Grindr vs Scruff.

Both Scruff and Grindr are LGBTQ-oriented applications that were designed especially for gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals. At first glance, both look quite similar, but there are significant differences between them.

Grindr was released in 2009. Today, the number of its members is over 27 million, and it has become the most popular among queer users. It is available in more than 190 countries all over the world and presented in more than 10 languages. Grindr provides a location-based service that allows you to see the profiles of members nearby. While browsing potential partners, you can leave a “tap” on them or just drop a direct message.

Grindr and Scruff were launched with a slight time difference.

Scruff was released in 2010. Today, it has more than 15 million users, and it seems to be a more refined version of Grindr. It has members from more than 180 countries, and it can be used in 10 languages. Scruff also offers you to see the profiles of those members who are nearby. Just like on Grindr, you may send “woof” to someone to get noticed or a direct message. There is also a wide range of filters that help you to find the best match according to your preferences and interests.

Though both apps have their unique features and advantages, and you may have both of them on your phone, it is much efficient to choose one, Grindr or Scruff, and focus on the matchmaking process.

What’s the Difference Between Grindr vs Scruff?

No matter which application you use, Scruff or Grindr, the way of matchmaking and messaging is almost the same. You can message anyone, anytime, for free. Also, both services allow their users to drop each other GIFs, pictures. Scruff also offers you to send “woof” to guys you like instead of writing boring “hey.” Grindr has a similar way of connecting with other gays: you can set a “tap.” Then, the person you like will see your page.

The main differences between Grindr and Scruff are related to the principle of searching matches. Grindr offers you to guys nearby, while Scruff is designed rather for connecting gays all over the world.

Pros and Cons of Grindr and Scruff

Grindr Scruff
One of the biggest dating apps with tons of guys. User-friendly and intuitive interface
The location changes automatically The application suggests users on the basis of similar interests
Complete functionality for free visitors Dedicated features for travel connections, events.
User-friendly and numerous features Low rate of fake accounts. Most users are verified
You can see who is online and their distance from you A curated list of profiles on Scruff Match
Possibility of browsing profiles from other locations Responsive users looking for relationships

Grindr Scruff
The interface takes a lot of time to load Lack of users in small cities and towns
The app has been under various security issues The app has fewer filters than Grindr
Most of the useful features are paid Targets a sub-community of gay men

Scruff vs Grindr: Audience Comparison

Both Grindr and Scruff have a huge member base. Within the Scruff vs Grindr competition, we can notice substantial differences between the members. The age of users varies from 18 to 55+ years old, with the vast majority being from 25 to 34 years.

Researches tell us that the frequent visitors of Grindr are from the United States – 6,585,000 users, the United Kingdom – 1,819,000 users, Australia – 650,000 users, New Zealand – 124,000 users, Singapore – 162,000 users, and Hong Kong – 191,000 users.

Though the Grindr vs Scruff confrontation is still relevant, their audiences are a bit different. According to available data, the members of Grindr are only queer men. At the same time, Scruff counts a 10% of women audience.

However, Scruff is well known for its responsive and selected users who are looking for relationships based on similar lifestyles, beliefs, and interests. Most users of Grindr are looking for fun and a safe place where their sexuality will be accepted, for hookups and short-term relationships.

While Grindr has a very diverse audience, Scruff tends to host more mature men among its members. And they are willing to build a serious relationship.

It is easy to guess that those people interested in short-time hookups usually use Grindr. And those who want to find their perfect partner for long-lasting relationships prefer Scruff because it has a reputation as a more serious dating service.

Who Has a Better App?

It is difficult to compare Grindr and Scruff apps before you start actively using them.

Grindr has a straightforward design and is focused on people rather than features. You can download it for free, but you have to complete registration before you can use it. Users love this app for being easy to navigate and user-friendly. Grinder was designed both for Android and iOS platforms. You may install it on the devices that work on Android 4.4+ or iOS 10.0+ platforms. Its modern and convenient layout makes it incredibly popular among millions of users all around the globe. You can find all your possible matches with the help of special features. This application should be considered by people who are always on the go.

Scruff can also be downloaded without a charge. Moreover, you may use it without an account. The only thing you have to do before anything else is to provide your device location. Then, you can browse the profiles and features. Unlike some other apps, Scruff doesn’t require a profile picture. However, the tests show that only those profiles with clearly visible faces will be included in Scruff Match. As well as the most popular dating platforms, Scruff was developed for Android and iOS devices. If you decide to install it, your phone or iPad must be working on Android 4.4+ or iOS 12.2+.

It is worth noting that the ratings of Grindr and Scruff differ considerably. The rating of Grindr is much lower despite its popularity (3.5 on the Play Market and 3.9 on the App Store). Scruff rating is significantly higher on both platforms (4.0 on the Play Market and 4.6 on the App Store).

Grindr vs Scruff: Interface and Usability – Who’s Better?

Today, we live in an era of online communication. Our modern life is impossible to imagine without connecting through our smartphones on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. That is the reason why creators of applications pay so much attention to the design of their products. If the interface is inconvenient, not user-friendly, the app has no chance to become popular.

Fortunately, both Scruff and Grindr have a plain, stylish, and modern design. At first glance, they are even similar: the black color dominates in the design of both applications. In Grindr, it combines with the yellow color, and in Scruff – with red.

The functional buttons (home, messages, notifications, profiles) in Grindr are located at the bottom of the screen. In Scruff, there are more functional buttons (global, nearby, search, messages, browse, match, venture, events), and they are located at the top and at the bottom of the screen.

These are the main features of Grindr:

  • Grindr provides its users with a list of accounts that are located nearby. If the user changes the location, the list will be refreshed as well.
  • You may mark any profile to demonstrate another user your interest or send a direct message.
  • Except for text messages or stickers, you can also send pictures, videos, and even locations in private messages.
  • When you create an account on Grindr, you can add many pictures with unlimited details and descriptions.
  • You can also use filters and choose profiles of guys carefully by yourself.
  • Users can save the profiles of others by marking them “favorites” or block any member.

These are the main features of Scruff:

  • If the user wants to show interest in you, they can send a so-called “woof” or just a direct text message. Moreover, the message can include not only text but some pictures or videos.
  • Scruff has a special feature that would offer you various profiles matching your likes and interests. You can choose one of three options for a profile (“Yes,” “No,” and “Ask Later”).
  • There are also special sections for events, travel communities, and more.
  • You can also swipe profiles of those who are far from you.

Grindr vs Scruff: Pricing

No matter which platform you choose, Grindr or Scruff both offer free and paid memberships. The free membership usually provides some restricted features. For example, free Grindr accounts can only view other users’ profiles, send messages to mutual matches, and see who liked their photos. Free Scruff users browse the profiles, receive daily match suggestions, send messages to mutual matches.

These limitations are, of course, frustrating. To remove them, users have to upgrade their accounts to premium ones.

When we talk about the Grindr app, there are two types of features as well.

Free services:

  • Profile creation
  • Send and receive messages
  • Select one tribe
  • Explore profiles
  • Create group chat
  • Views up to 100 matches
  • Basic filters

Fee-based services:

  • Ad-free experience
  • Online-only view
  • Select 3 tribes
  • Save and send chat phrases
  • Push notifications
  • Views up to 600 matches
  • Unlimited Blocks and Favorites
  • Almost the same situation we face while using Scruff.

Free services:

  • Using the site without an account
  • Profile creation
  • Sending, receiving, and reading messages
  • Browsing profiles
  • Responsiveness insights

Fee-based services:

  • No ads
  • Unlimited private album sharing
  • Up to 1,000 guys nearby
  • Browse anonymously
  • Unlimited search and filters
  • Advanced grid sorting

Costs and Prices


  • 1 Month – 14.99 USD
  • 3 Months – 13.33 USD/Month
  • 12 Months – 10.00 USD/Month

Grindr Xtra

  • 1 Month – 13.00 USD
  • 3 Months – 9.40 USD/Month
  • 12 Months – 5.20 USD/Month

Comparing the pricing policy of Grindr and Scruff, we may conclude that both of them are above the average.

What Is the Right Choice – Scruff or Grindr?

GOOD FOR gay people
GOOD FOR gays, bi, and trans

To sum up, the Scruff and Grindr competition is a tie. Depending on which application you choose to install and use, you will meet completely different personalities with different beliefs, preferences, and likes; you will use different features and pay different amounts of money for premium subscriptions every month.

Grindr and Scruff have the same quality level of the app interface, design, and usability, as you have already made sure of. Both look attractive, user-friendly, and have straightforward navigation and a modern layout.

As for intentions, aims, the responsibility of members, as well as subscription prices, we can notice substantial differences.

Grindr has more paid functions and premium packages than Scruff. However, according to available researches, queer guys from over the globe tend to choose the Scruff app. Probably, for good reason.

No matter how rapidly the world around us changes, some things remain unchanged. And despite our sexual orientation, preferences in the bed, one of the basic human desires is still to have romantic relationships, to fall in love with someone special. However, many circumstances may prevent you from meeting your passion in the real world. This is especially true for people with non-traditional sexual orientations. Unfortunately, we still face prejudiced attitudes toward LGBTQ community members regardless of the city or country we stay in. So, nothing surprising that queer people tend to search for their love with the help of dating apps.

And here, the popular LGBT dating sites can come to the rescue. Today we have reviewed the two most popular gay dating apps – both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

All in all, today, based on comparative analysis and user reviews, we choose Scruff as the winner of our Grindr vs Scruff competition.

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