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Chemistry vs. Match – which is better?

Chemistry vs. Match – which is better?

People on the Internet are always on the lookout for serious and stable relationships. Some of them prefer one-night stands and hookups because life is too short of sacrificing it for the sake of long-term relationships. Yet, what site positions itself as the best choice for adults and more mature demographics regarding its usability and versatility? Which site is the safest choice and which one is pricier? It is a comparison article about the most popular dating platforms, Match and Chemistry. Users from the Internet love them equally and pay attention to updates of both of these sites. But the truth is objective, so it will be easy to compare these two platforms based on well-known facts, as well as user reviews and testimonials. Let’s start with Chemistry.

Chemistry is a young company that appeared after Match went appeared a market. Still, it was one of the first platforms to help strangers fall in love over the web. The site was developed ten years after But soon, it became almost as popular as its mother company. A modern version of this website lets people have a stable relationship that leads to a wedding or helps them enjoy hookups and one-night stands without a complicated sort of being guilty or turning that into a serious commitment. Both ways are great, and that’s the policy of Chemistry. However, the site gravitates more towards serious connections than mindless sex. But it’s up to a user what path they want to go on. Its smart search engines will help you navigate the site and find the most applicable match according to your interests, age, and location. The site is very direct with its instructions and invites people of every sex and orientation to see that connections are possible even when held over the Internet. is one of the most popular dating services for singles of all generations, where you may meet individuals for conversation and possibly marriage. It is included in the list of best dating sites for singles globally, with years of experience and thousands. Match Group owns, and the mother company obtains similar platforms with like-minded specificity, but not every site is meant for serious dating or just hookups specifically. Instead, they are all made for a mixed audience that doesn’t want to choose, pursuing both. Let us observe what made Match such a top-tier site with millions of followers in the world.

Match is an old site, developed back in 1993. It made its way through Internet advertising. It was then when no one understood the concept of online dating. appeared as an official release in 1995, starting to win the attention of clueless singles and instilling the idea of meeting through the web into their minds. Online relationships were something bizarre and a mere perversion back in the day because no one believed in the idea of meeting someone without seeing them at least once. But ruined that myth by appearing in different commercials on the television and receiving the first blog posts dedicated to dating. It was also one of the first sites that used payments to provide dating services.

Many people who tried this site already have their families and live a perfect life, others chose to stick to mindless meetings from time to time, but most of those people don’t regret choosing either tactic. It’s quite understandable why more people are getting interested in online connections after decades of existence, especially on Because this site recommended itself as the best way to end a single life, it’s not scary to put your heart in someone else’s hands when these hands are as experienced as’s search engines, proven by decades of constant work.

What’s the difference between Chemistry and Match?

Chemistry is a site that helps strangers find specifically a long-term relationship. The dating platform aims at mature users who aren’t afraid of expressing their love via the Internet. Because these sites belong to one company, the Match Group, they will for sure share some similarities. However, these sites are separate for several reasons. First of all, Chemistry specifies in searching soulmates based on their personality type. When you first log in, the page allows you to fill in all the information concerning your personality type. Chemistry sees what kind of person you are, are and the search engine starts looking for similar people who share their traits or fundamental thoughts on this world.

Consequently, it saves time for communication avoiding mindless scrolling through pages you wouldn’t like in the first place because you’re just too different. This evaluation helps you with communicative skills because two similar personalities will for sure have something in common. Building a connection over your interests, not looks, is a healthy way of establishing a long-term bond. Regardless of someone’s age or status, you can find not only a partner but a good friend or a business partner here.

Match is also a source of love and support for people all over the world. Even though this site is believed to be focusing on sex and relationships solely, you can also build a strong friendship and find acquaintances in a new city. This platform offers protection and safety for everyone regardless of their aim. Because Match is an older prototype of a dating site, its work method is very traditional. The site uses a searching engine to help you find relationships and friendships while talking to strangers and communicating on similar topics. However, there are no swiping motions or personality databases.

Pros and cons


Pros Cons
A well-designed mobile app for all generations You cannot text strangers as a free member
For stable connections and hookups
Many years of experience in the dating market
Good for long-term commitments and long-distance relationships
More than 8 000 000 paid members


Pros Cons
A wholesome site for serious relationships The design is somewhat outdated
Many religious people
For pure connections
A shared database with the Match Group dating sites
Excellent testimonies

Chemistry vs. Match: Audience comparison

Chemistry is the site that collects singles from all over the world in its database. However, the majority of them come from America. The site is divided the following way as long as nationality is concerned: 75% of users come from the US, others are from different continents. When it comes to age representation, most chemistry users are males and females in their mid-30s to mid-40s. However, you can find representatives of other age groups on this site.

Because the thirties is the decade people start looking for serious relationships, the age distribution is completely justified. But it doesn’t mean you cannot come across an octogenarian or a young girl. People love chemistry because it allows them to unravel many possibilities when it comes to a dating game. The site doesn’t shy away from random hookups and one-night stands, as well as stable connections. That is why the division between people with different goals is some word equal.

When it comes to gender division, most people identify themselves as women, which is approximately 80% of the pool. Most people here are heterosexual, although you can find gay and bisexual people on this site. Chemistry doesn’t shy away from manifestations of love in all its equality and with dignity. The site’s primary goal is to stay wholesome, and it doesn’t matter what gender or sexual attraction and person has. The same goes for orientation.

The majority of users come from the US, but long-distance relationships with strangers from other countries are a normal thing here. Other nations include Latin Americans, Asians, Eastern Europeans, as well as Africans and Western Europeans. When it comes to gender division, the site surprisingly has the same amount of males and females presented with men slightly outweighing (the ratio is 45% to 55%.)

This statistic allows people to build stable connections without drama and competition. The site allows every age above 18 to enter and try themselves on a dating ring. The majority of people here are in their mid-20s to mid-50. Yes, the span is impressive; that is why regardless of your age, you can try dating someone outside your age group. Every sexual orientation is represented on this site, although you cannot directly choose sex other than males or females. There is no rule in talking to the same sex if you are gay or bisexual.

Who Has the Better App?

So what site has the better app for men, Chemistry vs. Match? allows men to build stable and profound relationships with a woman from the comfort of their homes.

Match has various options for men who are looking for a more stable relationship with a serious woman. That’s why it might not be applicable for sex lovers who just want to find a fling for one night and day. It’s best to ask about someone’s intentions. It all depends on the goal you are trying to pursue here. You can quickly download the application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It doesn’t take much space and works quickly on any gadget.

Chemistry easily loses in this battle because it doesn’t have either an iPhone or an Android app. However, you can still navigate the site from your phone by using the web version on your mobile. It’s almost no different than downloading an application. Even if you want to go outside or don’t like being in front of the computer screen, chances are, you will still like using the application on your phone. vs. Interface and Usability – Who’s better?

The Match site is more than clear regarding design and usability because every option is presented with straightforward icons you can intuitively study and understand. Contacting other users is easy because Match has pretty accessible tabs and buttons to start texting someone. The app is available for both iOS and Android. It works excellent on any screen. On the downside, the app is not very creative as it has only basic features. But the good site is, Match has a similar method of operation to the original website, which is clear and understandable without any further explanation. It’s even more straightforward to navigate the app than the website from your computer. If you are on the go, it’s much easier to use your phone when riding on a train or sitting at the office.

Chemistry developers didn’t care too much about colorful design because their main goal was usability and ease. But every coin has two sides. When it comes to benefits, the simplicity of this site astonishes you because you can get used to it without having to spend much time navigating sidebars and tools. Every page loads very quickly, that’s why you can access any account within seconds if you have good Internet. Another strong point about this site is its encryption and safety. Notifications allow you to hear someone’s texts even on the computer and receive a beeping sound.

The design is easy on the eyes, which is an attractive side because nobody wants to see vivid images if the usability is not there. It’s easy to get used to the site navigation because it looks like every other dating app on the market but in a good way.

Match vs. Chemistry: Pricing

Price Chemistry Match
1 Month 34.99 USD
3 Months 64.99 USD 44.97 USD
6 Months 74.94 USD 52.99 USD
12 Months 107.88 USD

Chemistry is a dating site containing both free and premium services, so you don’t have to start off by paying huge sums of money. The site is cheaper comparing to, although it doesn’t have an annual subscription. As a paid user, you can send and receive messages, flirt with visitors, and even order a detailed profile revamping for cheap. A team of professionals will quickly stylize your page in the best way possible. Also, you will receive a special name plate of a different color. These templates indicate paid users, which allow them to notice other fee-based visitors. You also get an Ultra Match. What is an “Ultra Match vs. Chemistry Match?” These are paid features that allow users to complete a faster search of their potential soulmate for additional money.

Match website allows you to play with a free version or a fee-based plan, as well as boosting your account for some additional cash. Furthermore, you can spot who peeped into your account as a paid user, view their profile, make a voice call, and even get a unique add-on that will further help you in a dating game.

What is the right choice: Match vs. Chemistry?

GOOD FOR finding an ideal partner
GOOD FOR people who are in search of long-lasting relationships

According to experienced comparison, Match is a better site according to several characteristics. It has a mobile application, caters to a broader audience, and has more additional fee-based features that allow you to find a partner faster. All in all, it has a long history and more credibility among dating experts.

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