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Wingman Review 2024: Is It A Worthy Dating Site?

Wingman Review 2024: Is It A Worthy Dating Site?
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Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 60%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 568 500
Reply Rate 73%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Huge member base: Wingman has a hugely active member base, which means meeting new people is just a matter of little time here. If you are active on this platform, meeting your ideal match will be sooner than expected.
  • Both long-term and short-term relationships: Here, people are very open-minded. Hence, you will meet all sorts of members, both those interested in long-term commitments and those up for casual hookups. So whatever your taste, you can land an ideal match to spice up your dating life quickly!
  • Your friends and family can help you get started: Even though it is not a traditional matrimonial site, Wingman still allows friends and family members of a person to create a profile for them. Once the profile is created, you can take over and start looking for your match. It makes the process much easier and more comfortable for those in a dilemma about whether or not they should create an account on a dating site. If you are also confused or shy, ask a friend to do it for you and make your love life easier! Your friends can also look for a match if you are timid about meeting new people. Whatever it be, this feature makes things easier and helps introverts date better.
  • A date can be scheduled without your efforts: If you hand over the dating app business to your friend or family, all you need to do is sit back and wait! The app allows a friend to schedule a date with a match they think you would like. Such dates are more exciting than blind dates because, in this case, you will not even see the person or talk to them as your friend does everything. But make sure whoever does this work for you knows you well because if they lack general knowledge about you, they won’t be able to fix a suitable date as per your preference.
  • The user interface is superb: If you or your friend uses a dating app for the first time, then worry not because Wingman is super easy to use. It has a very straightforward user interface, helping the users trace through the app without facing any difficulties. The icons are easy to understand, and the features are much less complicated than other dating sites.
  • Supportive customer service team: The customer support team of the Wingman app is beyond one’s expectations. They are always available to help you if you ever get stuck.
  • Profiles created without the person's knowledge: There are reviews of this app where the users complain that their friends made their profiles on Wingman without their knowledge. This feature is good but sometimes becomes a bit problematic when one has notorious friends. But you can easily avoid it by conveying to your close ones whether or not you would like them to create a dating profile for you on this platform.
  • No verification process: One thing that our experts do not like about this app is that there is no user verification process. Due to this, we are never sure of a person’s true identity, and people can be easily scammed if they are not careful. Hence, while choosing a date, make sure you talk with them in chat or via video call for better assurance.
  • Fake profiles: As there is no verification process, the number of fake profiles on this platform is rising daily. But you can still avoid getting scammed by being a bit more careful and finding out the details of a person before meeting them or setting them up for a friend.

Dating in 2023 has become far more accessible due to the global presence of online dating apps. But with so many dating apps to choose from, it becomes tough to pick the right one, especially a platform that is 100% safe and has a good audience base. If you are also facing difficulty choosing your ideal dating app, worry not because we are here to help!

Wingman is a new dating app with a huge success record in the market. It is unique yet practical, which is the best part. But what makes Wingman stand out in the crowd, and why should you use it? Well, that’s exactly what we have discussed in today’s blog. Today you will find out every detail about this dating app, which will soon become your favorite. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the Wingman 2023 guide now!

Reputation and History of Wingman

Wingman is quite a favorite app among the wannabe cupids of the romance world, and it has an 81% success rate, which is far more when compared to other dating platforms. It became a used app among those who trust friends more than anything. If you also have such trustable friends who want to become a matchmaker, Wingman is the best app for you. Your friend will have to create a profile for you on this platform and then invite you over to join them. However, remember that the total control of your match will be in their hands. Hence, you must ensure that a friend who knows you well gets to do this job; otherwise, your dating life might get a bit messed up. If you do not have a lot of friends, your family too can become the matchmaker of your life!

It has a vast user base consisting of over a million users from different parts of the world. Also, the users here are very active, making the entire journey easy for whoever creates an account. But some profiles here are fake as there is no verification process, which is a downside of this app. You will also find many profiles that do not have all the required info, making it hard to know which profiles are real or fake. However, with a little bit of carefulness, we are sure you will be able to find an ideal match here for you or your friend!

Website, App, Interface, and Registration

Website, App, Interface, and Registration

Wingman has an official website and an official app that can be used on iOS and Android devices. The app is straightforward to use as it has a user-friendly interface. However, many users complain that the app is a bit slow, but that might be because it is comparatively new in the market and requires a few modifications. But Wingman is working on their app and trying to improve it for their members.

As mentioned earlier, the user interface of this platform is superb. The icons are easily understandable, and the features are also convenient. You will not have a tough time using this app ever!

Sign Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

If you are worried about the sign-up process, calm down because it is accessible here. We have listed the steps below following which you can quickly sign up on this site:

  • Visit Wingman’s official website and click on ‘sign up.’
  • Fill in all the details like your name, gender, contact details, etc.
  • You must mention all the specifications in your profile to get matches.
  • Once done, your account will be created immediately, and you can use it without any verification.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Around 70% of profiles are real on Wingman, but the 30% are most likely fake because they either do not have trustable profile info or a legit profile picture. As there is no verification feature, no one can be 100% sure about the reality of a profile. However, you can easily avoid falling for fraudsters if you follow the tips below:

  • Check their profile photo and the profile specs. Connect with the person only if their profile looks legitimate.
  • Use Wingman’s chat feature to connect with the user and see if their replies look genuine enough.
  • Before meeting them in person or setting them up for your friend, we recommend you talk with the potential date over a call or via video chat.
  • To avoid any unwanted danger, you can meet the person in a public place before meeting them in private.

If you follow these tips, dating in Wingman will become far safer for you or your friend!

Website and Mobile Version

Wingman has a website and a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. As we discussed earlier, the mobile app is a bit slow, especially if you use it too long. However, with an app, you get the added advantage of receiving timely notifications about any potential date that you might be planning for your friend! But other than that, the features available on the app are pretty perfect and the same as that of the website.

Special Features

Special Feature

Wingman is a pretty basic dating app that does not offer many unique features but does offer enough required for finding an ideal match. Have a look at some of its best features:

  • Allow your friends to create a profile for you: Wingman’s best and foremost feature is that it works as a perfect platform for matchmakers to find dates for their friends. You have to do nothing! Just sit back and let your friend do the job. Such a feature is quite rare in a dating app, which is why Wingman has become an absolute favorite of many.
  • It lets you message the users for free: Chatting with the members often comes for a price on most dating sites, but here it is FREE! Wingman enables you to chat with the members for free so that you can choose a date for your friend without spending a single penny.
  • Wingman lets you send match requests: If you want to connect with a user and set them up for your friend, you can easily send them a match request. You can proceed further only if they accept your request. This feature gives privacy to the users to choose their match without being forced on.

The partner search process on Wingman is unique. Here, your friends or family get to search for your partner instead of you. Once they create a profile for you, they can add you. However, the primary control of the account will be in their hand, giving them a chance to choose your ideal date. We have discussed the site’s algorithm, search filters, and communication methods. Keep reading!

How Does Wingman Work?

Wingman has a straightforward working process. First, you must find a friend to take over finding an ideal partner. After which, they will have to sign up and create a profile for you. Once done, they can add or continue the search without you, depending on your wish. They have complete access to your account and manage all the match requests, chats, etc., to choose a partner for you. If they like someone for you, they will set a date, and you must meet your date to proceed further!

Searching Options and Filters at Wingman

Searching for an ideal partner for your friend on Wingman becomes super easy with the help of the extensive filters available on their app. There are numerous filters that you can use! A few among them are:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair colour
  • Nationality
  • Skin colour
  • Religion

Communication Methods

There are not many communication features on Wingman. However, their two dominant ones are enough to connect with potential matches. First, you can send a match request to anyone you like for your friend, and then if they accept the request, you will be able to connect with them further. After they receive your request, there will be a chat option using which you can communicate with them via text messages. After that, if you want to speak further, you can exchange numbers and connect via call!

Wingman Alternatives

Wingman Alternatives

If you don’t want your friend to look for your partner and instead you want to take control, then here are a few alternative dating sites that you must try:

  • Tinder: This is probably one of the most popular dating sites for singles seeking long-term and short-term commitments. It has several excellent features to help you land an ideal partner in no time!
  • Bumble: This dating site has garnered a lot of attention from teenagers and young lovers. It is especially meant for women who feel unsafe in online dating; female users can decide who they want to talk with. Moreover, it is a safe dating site for anyone wanting to start their love life!
  • AdultFriendFinder: If you are not into long-term commitments and hookups are all you want, this app would be great. Here, the members are down for casual hookups and open relationships. It also has many features to spice up things further.
  • Bang locals: This is also a good alternative if you are up for causal relationships. It can help you meet many singles nearby. However, it has more fake profiles, so beware while searching for a partner here!

Even though these alternatives are great, they do not have the feature that allows your friend to look for a partner for you. Also, unlike all other alternatives, Wingman is entirely free! It makes dating more hassle-free for most of the singles out there! That is why Wingman is the best and most unique dating app we have come across.

Membership Price and Payment Method

You will be glad to know that this site is 100% free for all users, whether a Wingman or single. Here, you can connect with as many people as you want without paying a single penny. In the online world where dating apps are becoming so pricey, this feature is the best and helps Wingman score higher among users!

Free Membership Features

As no charges are involved, you can experience everything for free on Wingman. Take a look at a few of its features:

  • Free chatting
  • Search filters
  • Profile updating features
  • Match request
  • Photo upload

Premium Membership Features

As Wingman is a free dating app, the premium features are the same as the free features. So you can enjoy them all without paying any money!

How Much is Dating on Wingman?

Dating on Wingman is free of cost. You need to create your account, and you will be all set to look for the perfect partner for your friend or yourself!

Is Wingman Really Safe?

As per our dating experts, Wingman is a safe dating platform. However, as no verification process is involved, no one vouch for 100% security here. There will be times when you encounter fake accounts while searching for a partner but falling into their traps can be easily avoided, and we have already shared how! If you follow our tips, then yes, dating in Wingman is indeed a safe experience.

Technical Side of Protection

Regarding the technical side of protection, we have already told you that there is no verification process, making it a bit unsafe for the users. However, their customer support team is there to help you if you encounter any unusual behavior on the Wingman app. Also, the ‘block’ feature enables you to block and report a user if they misbehave.

Customer Support

The customer support team of the Wingman app is brilliant. They are always there to help the users. You can get in touch with them via mail or call. They usually respond within 24 hours, which is relatively quick compared to other dating apps’ response times.

Popular User Questions

Below we have discussed some of the most popular questions related to Wingman. Check out!

How to Pass Wingman Photo Verification?

Wingman does not have any verification process. Hence, there is no need to pass a photo verification. Just create your account and start scrolling!

How to Delete Wingman Account?

To delete your Wingman account, visit your profile setting and go to ‘Account.’ There you will find the option to delete your profile. Then, follow the steps on the screen, and your account will be deleted.

How to See Who Likes You on Wingman Without Paying?

As this is a free app, you will not have to pay anything to see who likes your profile or sends you match requests. It makes Wingman highly pocket friendly for users!

How to Block Someone on Wingman?

To block someone on Wingman, open their profile, and there you will find the ‘block’ option. Click on that and confirm by clicking on ‘yes,’ and the profile will be blocked.

How to Cancel Wingman Subscription?

It is a free app with no subscription plans. Hence, to cancel the subscription, the only way is to delete your account, the steps we have already shared above.


We hope this guide helped you learn all about Wingman and its excellent features. This dating app is the best free dating platform you can ever find online, especially if you want someone else to be the cupid of your life. So when are you planning to join this app? Don’t forget to share with us!

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