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Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 80%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 985 640
Reply Rate 69%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 6.9
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Appropriate Safety:
    • Every member is screened.
    • At Online Dating Protector, "Dating Safety Tips" are available online, under 24-hour surveillance.
    • Whovian Love verifies each user's identity and regularly monitors the platform to prevent spammers from accessing it.
  • Quantity of Users: The website boasts a substantial number of subscribers—more than a million—for a specialist online dating service.
  • Simple Registration Process: To create a dating profile, complete a brief form. Gender, birth date, and email addresses must all be provided by users. The answers to all other questions and sections are up to you. In addition to being easy to build profiles, those who have trouble using technology may also seek assistance from the customer service line.
  • A Limited Free Version: The process of creating an account on Whovian Love is free. But if you want to contact other users, sign up for the premium plan.
  • Absence of Match: Unfortunately, the only prerequisite for matching is a single Whovian. Users of Whovian Love can only look for potential partners using the following categories:
    • Location and user proximity
    • Age
    • Physical characteristics and marital status
  • No Mobile App Is Accessible: The Whovian Love app is no longer available, but the platform adapts to the user's mobile device when they log in using a mobile web browser.
  • Not welcoming to LGBTQ+: The only possibilities on Whovian Love are "I am a male looking for a woman" and "I am a woman looking for a man." There is little chance of meeting a fit partner in the LGBTQ+ community on the dating service.
  • No One Under 18 May Purchase: Whovian Love makes a big point out of solely serving adult singles. The company clearly states in the "Terms of Use" portion of the sign-up process that you must be at least 18 years old to register.

Are you a Time Lord seeking one? A River Song to call your own? Do you like a sexy Doctor with a suit and Converse shoes, or are you more like a Rose? Maybe you’re Captain Jack looking for an Ianto. Whovian Love is a brand-new website that can be helpful in either case. Despite being created exclusively for Doctor Who fans, Whovian Love contains all the standard features you’d expect from a dating service. You can create and view member profiles, send messages to specific individuals, participate in forum discussions, and look for potential matches (of course).

Reputation and History of Whovian Love

Reputation and History of Whovian Love

Whovian Love was founded over a decade ago when Doctor Who gained peak popularity and masses. This website was established by a group of individuals who wanted to unite people using their shared interest in the franchise.

Numerous user awards and thousands of good comments worldwide have been given to this website. It offers a variety of incredible features that make it simple for its customers to find their ideal partner.

The website encourages pleasant engagement between visitors and the subject of their interest. It is pretty interactive. The site also offers best-in-class security services for its users.

So if you are a Doctor Who fans and looking to find someone you can get your geek on with, this might be the place for you!

Website, App, Interface, Registration

A friendly user interface is the best approach to win over users. It is necessary to remember that not everyone is a tech whiz and can navigate a complex website to ensure visitors can enjoy the dating experience rather than getting bogged down in functions.

Sign Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

Suppose you have visited the Whovian Love website and are interested in the services offered. In that case, you may register for this Whovian dating site at any time, around the clock, completely free, quickly, and efficiently.

You must first go to the website’s home page to register. To access a click-through registration form after arriving at this page, click the link that says “Just for You, view your matches.” You can register by clicking the “register” and “join now” tabs, which are visible if you scroll down this page. If you click on these links or finish the online click-through form, enter information such as your username, password, gender, and whether you are looking for a man or a female.

After processing all the data and authenticating your registration, you may immediately search the website for amusing nerdy dates. Who knows, perhaps today you’ll meet someone with whom you can love chatting about anything Doctor Who.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

In its terms of service (TOS), Whovian Love acknowledges using moderators and bots to encourage discussion and premium subscriptions. However, most users think this is deceptive because dating these individuals is impossible. Before logging into your Whovian Love account, your email address must be verified.

If a member seems fake, you can report them for further investigation. Users can report bogus profiles using excellent tools. Online dating may become significantly more difficult as a result of these accounts. The nerdy segment of the dating population can find Love on Whovian Love.

And it should go without saying that it might be elementary to lose clients who spend time interacting with accounts that ultimately turn out to be false. Data authentication is a crucial component of the security checks on this site, which ensures that fraudulent profiles are constantly eliminated.

Website and Mobile Version

Whovian Love is a dating app that brings together people from around the world who have a shared interest in the Doctor Who franchise, and the creators believe that the platform should never come in the way of finding true love. The website has mobile and PC versions, making it easier for members to use it across multiple devices.

The interface remains equally user-friendly and flexible across all platforms. The website is easy to navigate and offers a lot of fun and exciting filters and options to choose from!

Special Features

Special Features

You have a better chance of meeting the right person because this particular Doctor Who fans dating service is part of a shared casual dating network of members and sites. Registering for this website will make your profile visible to other websites connected to the same shared network.

It implies that as soon as you register for this dating site, you can immediately access every other user in the same network. If you do this, you have a much better chance of discovering the ideal fellow Whovian.

Whovian Love offers many unique features on their website to make dating fun and exciting:

  • Group chat options to give users a feel of community
  • Personality quizzes to play with a potential partner
  • Gamification of specific tasks to make them more interesting and less anxiety-inducing
  • Building your avatar

Partner search is one of the most critical features of any dating app. Whovian Love offers its users a variety of search filters to narrow down the quest to find the perfect date.

However, the website is a big advocate of inclusivity because filters can be the fundamental cause of the lack of engagement among many users. Following are some of the most popular search filters available on the site:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Hobbies
  • Zodiac
  • Qualification
  • Location
  • Height

How Does Whovian Love Work?

Essential search criteria on the Whovian Love website include:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Photo
  • Online Status

There are further searches available with more precise criteria.

Additional searches with more specific criteria are available.

To identify nearby singles who are interested in dating, try regional searches. Getting enough attention from other members on big dating websites is frequently tricky. It is primarily because it’s challenging to stand out.

After all, there are too many people with similar profiles. It’s a good thing Whovian Love provides a premium Priority Listing in their search results so that more people may see your profile.

A profile video is another option you have, and it can help you stand out and set yourself apart from other people. On Whovian Love, you can restrict who can contact you. It might be pretty helpful if you receive excessive responses from users who do not interest you. Members may enter directly or via an invitation to private discussions.

Webcam chat is additionally offered on Whovian Love. A webcam chatroom makes a terrific, safe first-date preview.

Searching Options and Filters at Whovian Love

For fans of Doctor Who, the current best dating site is called Whovian Love. The ease of use of this website allows even those with little to no computer knowledge to use it. Utilizing the website, creating an account, and connecting with new people are all simple processes.

Don’t worry, either. You won’t have to go through a cumbersome registration process or be prevented from accessing our site’s services due to a suspected lack of computer proficiency. A targeted search can be conducted using many filters to find the ideal candidate. You can search by age, sex, and particular personality traits. You will get an outstanding matchmaking experience thanks to all of these factors.

Communication Methods

Communicating with the partner of your choice is the first step towards building something beautiful. Once you have filtered your partner search and scrolled through endless profiles to find the perfect one, the next step is to contact the person. Whovian Love offers a few different options for interaction, such as:

  • Chat with them on the website or the mobile application
  • Contact them via email
  • Join a group chat with them to talk in a neutral environment to start with ease.

Whovian Love Alternatives

Whovian Love Alternatives

Doctor Who fans can use the online dating site Whovian Love, which is committed to meeting their needs. This service also addressed several security and safety issues that many other dating sites ignore. Whovian Love, for example, has procedures in place for spotting fraud.

At the time of registration, it also performs the necessary evaluation of each profile using experienced professionals. Another layer of protection was added when the customer support department meticulously checked every member’s photo and other details to ensure there was no fraud.

As a result, users of dating services can communicate with other singles without risk. The advantages of their big adult dating pool and tens of thousands of members are also available to you.

Whovian Love is currently the best dating site for Doctor Who Community. Some sites providing similar services are:

  1. Whovian Companions
  2. eHarmony
  3. Bumble
  4. Hinge
  5. OkCupid

Membership Price and Payment Method

Premium Membership (Trial)

  • 3 Days cost $2.61
  • The cost for 6 Months: $118.26
  • Users can opt for credit card payments to avail of this non-recurring plan

Plan: Premium Subscription

  • $78.80 for 3 Months
  • Cost for 6 Months: $118.26
  • The cost of 1 year is $197.10
  • The recurring program accepting credit card payments

Free Membership Features

On Whovian Love, users can either sign up for the free trial of the premium membership or opt for the premium subscription itself. The free trial is a limited-period offer that lets users experience some exceptional features for free. These features include:

  • Scroll through an endless number of profiles
  • Use the basic search filters to enhance your search
  • Like someone’s profile
  • See matches for your profile

Premium Membership Features

The premium plan offered on Whovian Love is a systematic plan that will auto-renew until it is manually ceased. The premium subscription lets users enjoy the full extent of online dating in the Doctor Who community without interruptions. This subscription opens up a variety of new features for a user. The following are some of the features offered by Premium:

  • Unlimited profile swipes
  • Advanced filters for searches
  • Creating your avatar
  • Interacting with other users
  • Accessing the contact details of someone you matched with
  • Fun personality quizzes

How Much Is Dating on Whovian Love?


Premium Membership (Trial) $2.61 – 3 days $100 – 6 months
Premium Subscription $78.80- 3 months $118.26 – 6 months $190.00 – 1 year

Is Whovian Love Really Safe?

Safety is one of the major concerns when it comes to online dating. It is well known to anyone who has ever tried online dating that fake profiles, data leaks, etc. are just some of the potential threats that come with it.

Whovian Love ensures its users the safest dating experience by implementing the best safety protocols on their website. From user authentication to SSL encryption, your data remains 100% secure on this website.

Technical Side of Protection

The website does not permit you to access any profiles if you are not a current member. As a result of this, you now have some limited privacy. Because there is no option to hide your photos on Whovian Love, anyone can view you. You can typically upload many photographs to your profile. All members can see your pictures, though.

On many dating websites, a panic button enables users to switch to a different website immediately. This function is inaccessible on Whovian Love. On this site, all data is delivered via an SSL connection, making it technically impossible for anyone to intercept your chats.

Customer Support

There may be problems with the website regarding the signing-in process. One or two users, for instance, might have problems logging in, while others might log in but have errors. To ask any questions regarding any issues you may be experiencing on the website, please get in touch with one of the professional customer service representatives there.

Before users can directly contact customer service, they are given a list of common problems to check if any matches their situation. The solutions to these problems are already given, thus saving time for both the user and the customer service executive.

For communication, you can use a chat form on the site, email customer service or visit the site account on Facebook or Twitter.

Popular User Questions

Thousands of Doctor Who fans have registered on Whovian Love to find the partner of their dreams. The site is easy to navigate with simple functionalities. However, there are certain features that users may have trouble exploring. Here are some of the most commonly asked queries from users worldwide.

How to Pass Whovian Love Photo Verification?

The website gathers users’ information before their account is completely activated and prepared for matching. A photograph is a crucial piece of that personal data. Users must provide a crystal clear and high-quality image of themselves to pass the picture verification. It is a simple method that is also safe.

How to Delete Your Whovian Love Account?

The site’s services may one day no longer be something you desire to utilize for various reasons. In this circumstance, you can deactivate your account on the website. You’ll be able to do this by logging into your account. Choose “Membership” from the “Account” menu under “Account” on your home page. Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting “Delete account” from the displayed membership overview. Keep in mind that you must cancel any subscriptions you may have before closing your account.

How to See Who Likes Your Whovian Love without Paying?

You cannot, is the only simple response to it. It belongs to the category of premium features.

How to Block Someone on Whovian Love?

A user can discover thorough instructions for blocking an account on Whovian Love on their page.

  • Finding the profile you want to block should be your first step.
  • Visit the nav bar linked to the profile.
  • For options, tap the hamburger menu.
  • Once you tap the “block user” option, you must confirm your choice, and you’re done!

How to Cancel Whovian Love Subscription?

If you wish to terminate your membership, the same procedure as for terminating your account must be followed. Choosing “Membership” from the “Account” option on your home page requires logging in first. You’ll need to answer a few short and easy questions about your experience to assist the site’s owners in improving it. Once you’ve given the essential details, you can cancel your subscription.


The dating service Whovian Love was developed especially for Doctor Who fans who struggle to arrange an enjoyable date with someone who shares their passion in person. This website allows you to connect with singles who share your interests from the comfort of your couch, living room, or bedroom utilizing a mobile device or desktop.

There is someone for everyone on Whovian Love! Many members are on the platform, and more singles are continually being added. So it’s not difficult at all to locate a great date.

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