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Sniffies Review April 2024: Is It Trustworthy?

Sniffies Review April 2024: Is It Trustworthy?
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 36%
Popular Age 22-38
Profiles 7 600
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Great for casual encounters and transactional sex.
  • Live map that enables you to meet the nearest guy.
  • You can use a platform account without paying as an anonymous member.
  • The platform works on Apple and Android devices.
  • Blocked in some countries due to the explicit nature of the content.
  • The app can only be accessible from the site; no app is on Google Play or Play Store.
  • Members should consider the risks they take as the platform may have some registered fraudsters.

Sniffies is an exciting meet-up platform. It is a digital mapping interface for ease of queer cruising. The members are gay, bisexual, non-binary, or curious, mostly men. Sniffies enables users to hook up with people in their vicinity. Sniffies is the horniest sex app where members can explore their fetishes. We give you an unbiased review of the platform.

Reputation and History of Sniffies

Sniffies was launched in 2018 by a Seattle-based founder named Blake Gallagher. The site got its name from a previous domain that sold undergarments. The name suited the new concept of the site. The name is catchy and unique. Most people have a fetish for sniffing underwear or even socks. However, you don’t have to love sniffing to love the platform.

Yahoo News revealed that Sniffies use the data to understand the trends of gay users. The study revealed the horniest city and the latest and most popular kinks. It shows the areas where Sniffies are growing at a tremendous rate. All of it speaks about the popularity of the platform.

According to Bleeping Computer, the site enjoys over 20 million visits monthly. The majority of clients using the site are in their 20s. Currently, there are more US users on the platform. You don’t have to be alone, so you may join as well.

The application is a cruising platform for hook-ups and lunchtime sex. Sniffies is a casual dating site for fun and real gay dates, not a place to meet a long-term boyfriend or a job connection. Yet, lasting friendships may be found in the most unexpected places.

The service is available in about 45 countries. It is about everything around sex. There are even orgies posts on the platform. One thing you can be sure of is that it is very explicit. You should have security measures to ensure kids do not come across it.

Website, App, Interface, and Registration

Website, App, Interface, and Registration

You can use your desktop, iPhone, or Android to access Sniffies. The app is an adult content classified as too explicit. Sniffies don’t need to hide those juicy photos, as the platform has a certain purpose and sticks to it.

For iPad or iPhone Users

Use it as a home screen app on your choice of device. Use your Safari browser. Scroll down to the home screen icon and share. Click on the “Add to home screen” button. You only need to get to the website and register as a user.

For Android Users

Use your Chrome browser to access the website Sniffies.com. From the browser settings and scroll down. Add to the home screen. You have the option to change the name that displays on the home screen for discretion.

On the Browser

Go to Sniffies.com, and click on the button “Install Sniffies.”

To install to your Chrome, go to Applications, then Chrome apps, and click on Sniffies.

Sign Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

You can use the site anonymously or sign in to an account. The site verifies your age by asking you to fill in your birth year. If you are under 18, the site will not allow you to sign in.

If you are above 18, the next thing you have to do is to load the map. If the site does not load, it will inform you why you cannot access it. You may not access services that are not allowed in your country. You may be using an untrusted VPN. Violation of rules or terms of service is another reason. Ensure you are not using an untrusted network as well.

Have you met all the requirements and cannot still access the services? Check your browser settings. You may have logged on through another device. In some cases, your ISP may not be providing your exact location.

To register an account, you will need an email address and a password for registration. Use a password you can remember. It is essential to use a unique password different from what you use on other sites. Enter the password, and confirm that you are of age. Fill in your interests and whether you are available to host. Input your location, kinks, interaction, and HIV status.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

This map-based platform hosts many real users. You meet real people with real photos based in a particular location. We have reviewed the real experiences and narration of users. The site discourages the use of VPNs. They have a way of weeding out those trying to cheat the system.

Website and Mobile Version

There is a mobile app, but you download it from the browser, and it is not available on Google Play or App Store. The site itself is mobile-compatible, and most members use it on their phones.

Special Features

Special Features


Your preferences count. The app will allow one to define the priorities that the algorithm uses. It will allow you a perfect match. The possibility of failed dates is low. Chances that you will get matched with someone with clashing desires are minimal if you’re honest about what you want. You can set a filter to only see profiles with photos as well.

Live chat

You can have erotic sessions in your home with fewer risks. You can play it safe wherever you are without the hassle of commuting. It is a great way to know your crush before you meet.

Short and simple info requirements

The data the site requires of the site is minimal, and you don’t reveal a lot of personal information.

Ease of meeting

The app aims to get users laid. They have made it very easy to set up meetings. You may want to meet at your place or his; it is up to you.


Sniffies is map based. The location recommendations are accurate. You can only meet users nearby based on your phone or device location.

Anonymous usage

If you don’t want to leave your information on the site, anonymous cruising is good for you. Most of the Sniffies users cruise in this mode.

Host groups, big parties, and cruising venues

There are several meeting opportunities on the platform. You can organize events or join existing ones—the users of the site love to participate in erotic events. Meeting people at cruising spots is an exciting experience. You will get to have fun and understand the sniffers’ culture. The cruising spots are on display on the map.

You may join orgies and meetings in your hometown. For the groups, you can request access and see the number and list of attendees. You may also explore your curiosity and sense of adventure in a new city if you are new to a place.

Nude pictures

There are all kinds of nude pictures allowed on Sniffies. Unlike on other sites, you can even have a nude photo on your profile picture. The first page of the website has amazing nude pictures of hot men.

Messaging through chat

Messaging is a good way of communicating with your date before the meeting. The chat feature is essential for communication. You are able to know someone you’re interested in better. You may use it to make friends if you are unsure whether you are ready to meet up. Users mostly know what they want and go for it.

When your profile is ready, ensure you have your location and sex interests properly set.

Once you are in with your account, you have a lot of choices. You may check enticing photos of other users’ profiles to start with.

On the map, you will see different colors of circles. An orange circle shows that the person is willing and ready to host. The people you have chatted with are displayed in bright blue. A faded mark will show you guys who have not been online recently. The profiles remain on the map for at least five days after the last visit.

How does Sniffies Work?

The platform uses geolocation to match men close to each other. When you switch off the location, the app will not update it, which is good for privacy. Users have indicated whether they can host. If one can host, you may discuss going to their place. If neither of you can host, you can agree on a separate location. You can choose a hotel or Airbnb and share costs.

If you don’t want to be on the map, log out. Your profile marker will still exist there for a period of between 30 minutes to five days.

Searching Options and Filters at Sniffies

Searching Options and Filters at Sniffies

To find a partner, you use the interactive map. Important information is the time and place for the hook-up. You can see other users in your vicinity who are currently online. There are several activities that one can engage in, and you can join any event you fancy.

Communication Methods

Once you have spotted someone you like, you can click on their profile. Use the chat feature to organize hook-up meetings. Messaging is the most common way of communicating on the site. It is essential to read people’s bios before reaching out. That way, you know who you are dealing with, even if it is for one date.

Public chats are available and accessible to registered members.

When you chat with men on Sniffies, the platform keeps the history of your conversation. After you stop chatting, the chat history disappears after two months.

Sniffies Alternatives

There are a variety of apps like Sniffies in the market. They are gay cruising sites, gay dating websites and apps, or general LGBT community apps, and none of them have exactly the same features. However, you should know about these options.


The app enables you to meet people near you for hookups. It can also be a gateway to love. Unlike Sniffies, Grindr can be found on the App Store and requires iOS 14.2 to work properly. It has some free features for the LGBT community, and it offers a free version as well as some paid features.

Gays Cruising

With this platform, you can cruise in parks, beaches, urban places, forests, and other

locations. The site has a list of places globally that are available for such activities. They also offer sex cams and videos to users.

Many contacts are available for you to browse and use. Unlike Sniffies, this one does not use a map.

Cruising gays

You only meet gay individuals in pubs, restaurants, and gay cruising areas and events. The site has no app, which is a downside.


Scruff caters to gay, transgender, bisexual, and queer people. It is a meet-up and hook-up app.


The app takes pride in being one of the biggest gay sites. It has over 30 million members. It is for gay, bisexual, transsexual, and queer. Hornet gives tips to the LGBTQ community on various issues and topics.

Men Nation

It is well known for casual and fun dates. There is no app but a website only. You can use it with an anonymous account. You can open it without disclosing personal details.

Adam for Adam

The site has been around since 2013 and is great for casual sex encounters.

Membership Price and Payment Method

To subscribe to the service, you choose the preferred payment method. Subscriptions renew unless canceled early. The site uses third-party services to manage transactions. You can pay for the service via your credit, debit, or Visa gift card. The billing will show in your account as “Sniffies.” Payments may incur exchange rates, taxes, or bank charges depending on the currency indicated on the card.

Free Membership Features

Sniffies gives you a one-week trial. After the free service expires and you cancel the subscription, your account will change to a basic. There is a lot you can do with the free membership. Registration is free, as well as scrolling through profiles. You can see who is ready for live play, access the map and chat.

Premium Membership Features

Premium Membership Features

When you pay for the membership, your profile features at the top and gets a VIP status. You will get better services than anonymous or free members, and these include unlimited access to the site, galleries, photos, and profiles.

Sniffies Plus members can host meetings. You will have no ads

and will get access to more information. As a paid member, you can override the GPS on the platform. You can reach more users and read and send messages. You get receipts for sent messages as well and keep your chat history. Paid membership allows you to access three hundred play minutes monthly. One can see when other users you’ve been talking to delete conversations. You can also use several profile photos and set your profile on travel mode.

The live-play feature is available to you, but users who start the live-play pay for the minutes.

How Much Is Dating on Sniffies?

Duration Price
Trial week $4.99
One month $7.99
Three months $6.99 monthly

Is Sniffies Safe?

The company has measures to safeguard its users’ online safety and privacy. The conditions of use and safety limitations are stated in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The site has a McAfee badge.

Sniffies is a platform that enables users to generate content and contact others. They do not have a way of regulating what users do on the site in real time. The site does not do a background check on users. Like any other hook-up or dating site, one has to take responsibility for safety. Trust your gut instincts when meeting someone. Look out for those clues.

You should report any suspicious activity you encounter on the site to [email protected].

There is a common scam in dating where users receive and may click on links that lead to other sites. Scammers will put a slight variation to the initial site’s name and lead users to phishing platforms. It is common, especially for people using phones. Mobile phones don’t have regular browser protection. Bookmark your page to ensure you get to the domain name right.

You can use the block feature to keep off someone you do not want to communicate with. You may also mark one as spam if you receive such messages. The site has regular audits for your safety.

Technical side of protection

You do not have to worry about the security of your data. The site has modern data encryption to protect the information users share.

Customer Support

The site has an inbuilt customer support form. You may write your name, email address, subject, and problem description. The name is optional.

For general questions, visit the help center and browse FAQs. Besides, Sniffies has a vibrant community that will gladly help newbies. To contact customer service, send an email to [email protected]. If you want to report something inappropriate, you can use [email protected]. You can complain about legal issues on copyright infringement at [email protected].

Customer support is available in many languages. It is essential to be respectful when communicating with customer support staff.

Popular User Questions

How to Pass Sniffies Photo Verification?

Sniffies does not require photo verification for the use of the platform.

How to Delete Sniffies Account?

To do this, you first need to login into your Sniffies account. At the top right, there is a menu icon. Go to your Account settings and then click ‘Delete the account.’

How to See Who Likes You on Sniffies without Paying?

You can see who likes you on your profile, and you will get a notification.

How to Block Someone on Sniffies?

Sniffies promotes a culture of sex positivity. But, this may not be the case for everyone you encounter, and you may want to block someone. The procedure of blocking is simple. You need to click on their profile picture and click the block option. Once you do so, it will no longer show on your map.

How to Cancel Sniffies Subscription?

To downgrade your account from a paying member, use the same menu icon to reach your Account settings. You then go to ‘Membership’ and cancel your subscription. You can access services until the last day of your subscription. For any billing dispute, you have 30 days to raise the complaint.


Anyone curious about having gay fun should join the platform. Sniffies is an interactive cruise site for uncensored sexual expression. You can search and build connections with gay, curious, and bisexual people. Sniffies have photos of hot bodies, and real people are happy to explore their sexuality and kinky side and have fun. The algorithm is used to get perfect dates nearby. The possibility of failed dates is minimal if you are honest about your preferences. Sniffies helps you find exactly what you are looking for.

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