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Loveflutter Positive & Negative Reviews April 2024

Loveflutter Positive & Negative Reviews April 2024
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Active Audience 53%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 950 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site guarantees meetups with "real people, not Instagram feeds."
  • The service is safe and credible, backed by Twitter and Facebook brands.
  • Loveflutter helps you find interested people rather than chatters and cyber sex fans.
  • It is one of the most affordable platforms for finding a date or love partner.
  • Personality-based matchmaking ensures more meaningful and relevant connections.
  • Many search filters are on board.
  • You can suggest offline places for encounters and see suggestions to discover new romantic venues.
  • Safety concerns may prevent you from setting real-life dates with this app.
  • You can barely count on full privacy because of the app's access to your tweets.
  • The desktop site needs improvements.
  • Most people want to contact people nearby rather than bother themselves with cross-border romances.

Do you want to change your relationship status? Loveflutter will help. Of course, finding a well-suited life partner that can perfectly fit the image you have been dreaming of is not just a matter of minutes. Most of the time, people start dating someone because they’re attracted to their appearance. Still, later, they cannot reach a mutual understanding and end in a breakup. Loveflutter claims that people are more than just their apparent beauty, and we can not consider someone as your dream partner based on their looks. Getting to know them better before entering a relationship is always the most important thing.

Suppose you want a lifelong relationship with someone. In that case, it is better to build a strong understanding before taking the next step. And it is only possible by having intense conversations, exchanging thoughts and opinions, and expressing feelings. Several online dating sites allow people to find their match by showing a complete profile of the user. But Loveflutter is the only website that emphasizes matching people by their inner worlds instead of physical attributes.

Loveflutter is a unique platform integrated with Twitter and Facebook that allows people to find relevant companions for them. From its pros to pricing, history to current image, here is everything you should know about Loveflutter. So, scroll down and glance at an honest and comprehensive review.

Reputation and History of Loveflutter

Reputation and History of Loveflutter

Loveflutter, a British dating site headquartered in London, has existed in the online dating world since 2013. Initially driven by Google’s Knowledge Graph, the app put dating ideas first. However, everything changed in 2017. Inspired by a MailOnline article about how tweets describe their authors, Daigo Smith, a co-founder, has implemented a unique approach to dating. Its main idea is that all tweets and Facebook posts contain keywords – individual markers that reveal their owners’ characters and the most hidden personality features.

To back that theory, Daigo Smith met with Canadian language scientists from Receptiviti AI for advice. After that, he finalized the app development and presented it to the public. Today, Loveflutter has gained momentum since more people are sick of mindless swiping and all those who float unceasingly around them each time they enter the dating site. The mobile app is getting more popular since it constantly adds new features to enhance users’ dating experience.

Loveflutter has grown fast, and its revolutionary approach and innovative options cause the interest of many users, including celebrities and influential personalities. So, you have a chance to meet famous people and ask someone special out on a date. It would be in vain to waste your time just dreaming of the love of your life when you have an opportunity to meet cool folks at Loveflutter.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Loveflutter is a unique approach for people who want relationships and to get in touch with true love by creating a better understanding and trust. And the best is that it is very convenient and has an excellent user interface with a quick sign-up process. Loveflutter is a native mobile application, and it is the first app organically connected to Twitter, working in the dating niche. Loveflutter has a website, but it is designed for information rather than dating.

The app’s core is its interactive tool called “Twitter handle.” Once you click the option, you’ll access automatically generated “Twitter Personalities” matches and professional dating tips. Note that registration is not necessary. Still, you can contact only those who like you. This way, the app saves users’ privacy and provides communication for mutually matched daters only.

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

Loveflutter is a dating platform integrated with Twitter and Facebook that works by plugging into the user’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and profile to deliver the best possible match. You don’t need to sign up for the app and create an account. Instead, you can download Loveflutter and use your Twitter account to access the app’s features. And if you are still not using Twitter or Facebook, you should create an account on one of those social media platforms to enjoy Loveflutter. Users need to pass a “Quirky Interesting” or “QI” test to start contacting others.

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Loveflutter is a genuine dating app directly linked to users’ Twitter accounts. So when it comes to the authenticity and genuineness of the account on Loveflutter, there is no doubt here. However, despite the scientific approach underlying matches, not all characteristic features have become apparent. As a rule, many users want to look more attractive than they are to increase their chances for popularity, success, getting the desired dating partner, etc. Hence, Loveflutter users should stay careful on the first date and think more deeply than their potential matches’ Twitter accounts say.

Website and Mobile Version

Loveflutter has a website, but it works for the British only. Besides, it has limited options designed as a secondary resource that helps people learn more about Loveflutter dating and switch to the mobile application. Hence, you should download the app from Google Play or Apple Store and use it for free via Facebook or Twitter.

The mobile app is worth a try. The app has combined swiping with an in-depth vision of human nature. With Loveflutter, matchmaking stops being shallow. Instead, it shows that people are much more than just faces. Besides, the app boasts a convenient interface that provides intuitive tapping, dragging, swiping, and other actions. In addition, Loveflutter is responsive and uses advanced cloud-based location technology platforms to let daters access the best spots around them.

Special Features

Special Features

Loveflutter intends to become the number-one dating platform worldwide, featuring many updates and new add-ons. It has brought several unique options for a better user experience, making it different from other alternatives. For example, it allows users to express their thoughts, opinions, feelings, and ideas. Here are some more incredible perks to consider:

  • Sign up at Loveflutter using your Facebook and Twitter accounts and add recent tweets to your profile.
  • Flip through Twitter feeds of compatible matches in-app.
  • See who likes your profile nearby.
  • Read 140-character amazing facts about other users.
  • Get an understanding of the individual behind the facts mentioned on the profile.
  • Swipe to show interest and find your match.

Once you show interest in someone by swiping up, you can receive messages from them, respond to them, and chat for free. In addition, you can find several places nearby to meet and enjoy your time. Whether it is about restaurants, pubs, hotels, or parks, you’ll find a suitable place to feel butterflies in your stomach.

Loveflutter is a helpful dating platform that aims to provide the best opportunities to find your dating partner in your locality. This platform helps you search for your life partner, mainly involving your heart and brain rather than your eyes.

Loveflutter diminishes the role of physical traits in favor of the person’s inner world. With dating on this platform, looks become the attribute of vanity fairs rather than true love. This app displays dozens of interesting ideas about users’ individualities before showing their looks to others. This way, the app enhances chances to find soul mates or those who guarantee quality time. The approach seems specific. However, it is relevant for all daters, from those in hookups to love seekers.

How Does Loveflutter Work?

It uses artificial intelligence to analyze user conversations, determine compatibility, and recommend who, when, and where should meet. It sheds light on various places for romantics and entertainment to contribute to a memorable first date. Moreover, it cares about daters’ comfort and offers suggestions as close as possible to both partners’ residencies.

At Loveflutter, you will access a wide variety of members and meet real people across your city and country. You can meet numerous singles in your area. This friendly platform helps you interact with different types you may not get to know otherwise. And due to the GPS feature, this app ensures accurate matches regarding the distance you consider acceptable.

Loveflutter shows authentic users nearby. You will reach out to prospective potential partners, using the app as the most suitable place for romantic arrangements. So, you can comfortably contact people to feel a flutter, chat, flirt, or do something casual to create a friendship or romantic bond with them. No pressure to build long-term relationships or realize your matrimonial plans. You act according to circumstances, your personal perception, intuition, and desires.

Of course, tweet-based matchmaking doesn’t mean no profile photos. Still, Loveflutter displays blurred pictures and their owners’ characteristic facts. You can unblur the picture by simply holding on to the photo. You can even secretly pass or like people nearby. It’s anonymous; the other one will never know you have liked them unless they like you back. Only after that you’ll get your match.

Searching Options and Filters at Loveflutter

This app helps you to find the person exactly as you want with filtered searches. So whether you are looking for a casual fling or someone to spend your whole life with, you can be upfront and straightforward about what exactly you want.

Loveflutter replaces common filters with a more progressive search. It analyses the vocabulary used in users’ tweets. It seeks an array of personality features, including Type A or Type B, love of freedom, intelligence, levels of happiness, a tendency of depression, persuasiveness, and other traits.

Then, you’ll get a detailed report. However, which traits really matter? It depends on the relationship you crave and your preferences. Loveflutter is your app if you prioritize emotions and feeling over pragmatic stuff like education, occupation, and habits. The service hints whether your potential partner is worried, excited, or happy. Of course, such states are contextual rather than stable. Hence, they are great for quick dates. But what if you need more? To that end, you can set a date and talk to your cutie to see who is who.

Communication Methods

Loveflutter cannot boast the abundance of communication tools. It focuses on the main goal – to connect people with similar feelings, emotional intellect, and thinking styles. The app doesn’t believe in video dates and photo-based swiping. It considers them misleading tools that put a cloud on the unbiased vision of another personality. Beauty is deceptive, and manners are gained. That’s why Loveflutter offers instant messaging in live chat only. Moreover, the app immediately offers a good place for a romantic date to meet a new couple in person rather than play guessing games online.

Loveflutter Alternatives

Here are some of the most suitable alternatives to Loveflutter. So, let’s look and explore why Loveflutter is the most advantageous among them.

  • Official

It is an online dating platform that allows you to select through many people interested in a date. It helps you find a perfect match based on your preferences. Here you can search for people nearby and find the one who seems the most interesting.

  • Bumble

It helps individuals find partners for friendship, dating, and even career-building on a social networking forum. It has modified how people date, find friends, or perceive meeting online with others for the better. Here, women are most likely to make the initial move.

  • Companions

It connects people who need companionship with reliable or trusted folks. The app helps you easily, quickly, and safely meet nice guys and girls. All possible matches feature real-time updates.

  • Iris

It is another dating app with artificial intelligence at the heart of its matchmaking algorithm. It uses personal data and considers visitors’ behavior to match people based on mutual attraction. In other words, while Loveflutter prioritizes people’s inner world, Iris focuses on chemistry.

All listed apps are popular and do their best to move away from the common standards of traditional online dating. However, Loveflutter is the only service linked to the most famous and densely “populated” social media platforms.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Membership Price and Payment Method

The evolution of online dating platforms brought light to many lives. That’s why dating sites have become the first choice for people looking for relationships with suitable partners. It is true that some online dating sites charge very much for their services. But at Loveflutter, you don’t have to worry about paying so much because it offers several features for free and premium membership services at a very low cost.

Free Membership Features

Loveflutter is one of the dating sites that offers its services for free and allows its users to go through several profiles of other users without spending anything. You can sign up for free at Loveflutter using your Twitter or Facebook account and take advantage of its free services.

Premium Membership Features

You can get a premium subscription at Loveflutter and take advantage of some extraordinary features that will help you create a better opportunity to meet the love of your life. There are several premium plans for users who want unlimited messaging and tips on the best spots to date. In addition, the premium membership plans are affordable and won’t affect your financial state.

How Much Is Dating on Loveflutter?

Plan Duration Cost
Starter 1 month $29
Pro 1 month $49

Is Loveflutter Really Safe?

Loveflutter is a trusted and legit dating website. You will learn much about its founders, history, business activities, and reputation when reading posts on third-party platforms and looking through the app’s profile on social media platforms. In addition, the app’s management advocates transparent marketing, billing, and other online dating aspects crucial for customers. But the best thing is that you won’t face bots because Loveflutter profiles are linked with their owners’ Twitter accounts.

Technical Side of Protection

Loveflutter has brought various technical features to ensure users’ safety and security. An AI-driven product is built with advanced software that safeguards the app itself and its users’ digital identities from fraudulent attacks in all its shapes. You will run into no hacks, key loggers, data leaks, malware, or interference. All built-in tools immediately detect potential threats and prevent phony actions before they start.

Customer Support

Loveflutter provides 24/7 customer support without breaks. It allows users to report anytime if they encounter something unusual or challenging. All you need is to call the customer support number they have provided or send a message.

Popular User Questions

If you still doubt using this dating app, you can solve your queries here. Here we have listed some of the most popular questions that are mostly asked. It will help you use this app more efficiently and to remove hurdles in your way. So, let’s explore!

How to pass Loveflutter photo verification?

To pass photo verification at Loveflutter, follow a straightforward process. First, open the Loveflutter app and go to the profile icon. Next, tap the checkmark by your name and select continue when it gets verified. Now you need to grant access to the camera and frame the entire face in the given oval. Now follow the prompts to submit your video selfie. It takes a few minutes only to find out whether the Photo Verification appeal is approved.

How to delete Loveflutter account?

The app’s removal from your phone won’t delete your account. If you want to completely erase your presence at Loveflutter, please email [email protected] . Remember to mention your username. Then, wait for approval inside a notification that states, “Account successfully deleted.”

How to see who likes you on Loveflutter without paying?

You can use the Loveflutter app without paying, but only premium users can see who likes them at Loveflutter.

How to block someone on Loveflutter?

If you don’t want anyone to follow your activities or account at Loveflutter, you can block them. For this purpose, please open their profile and tap the relevant icon.

How to cancel Loveflutter subscription?

If you have a subscription to Loveflutter, deleting your account or app would not cancel the subscription. To cancel your paid membership, you should email your request to [email protected].



Loveflutter is the only dating website that emphasizes the inner beauty of individuals instead of their physical appearance. It allows you to read facts about others, understand their emotions, and see their pictures and tweets on profiles to get to know them better. All Loveflutter wants for its users is to meet the true love of their life and swipe wisely.

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