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Pros and Cons

  • Both Android and iOS apps are on board.
  • The desktop dating app is available to use without downloading software.
  • The gamer-centric visual style looks breathtaking.
  • You can open your dating pool to straight and LGBT people.
  • The app has its “metaverse” with audio chat.
  • You can find romance, friendship, and serious relationships on this platform.
  • You can show your traits via games and their attributes.
  • No video calls.
  • A limited free version.
  • Some users prefer virtual dates and playing video games rather than meeting in person.
  • Desktop Kippo comes with reduced functionality.

Kippo is a trendy mobile dating app with a web version that attracts the younger market with its fun and unique design. Can Kippo give you what you want from online dating? The review presents an unbiased expert opinion based on Kippo’s rigorous testing.

The Kippo dating app matches gamers with like-minded people and helps them build relationships without sacrificing their deep affinity for virtual entertainment. Because many men and women consider video games a roadblock to romantics, gamers need mediators to connect them to loyal partners. And Kippo does the job, and it goes outside dating and appears as a fascinating social hub for nerds and geeks.

Reputation and History of Kippo

Reputation and History of Kippo

The Kippo dating app comes with a great reputation. It hit the market in 2019 in California, created and managed by David Park, an ambitious CEO leading Kippo to the level of top-notch immersive worlds like MMORPG. Its team includes programmers, twitch streamers, professional gamers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals keen on gaming and dating. Therefore, the app is great for gamers and fulfills their needs and dating goals.

Today, Kippo has 180,000+ monthly active users in their 20s and continuously gains popularity as one of the best dating apps in the market. It works in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the EU, and several Asian countries. With 60% of males and 40% of females on the platform, Kippo provides an acceptable gender ratio, considering that many gamers are into same-sex relationships.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

If you love playing with the cool interface, Kippo is a great pick. After joining the community, you find yourself in an environment only avid gamers understand. Newbies may find navigation challenging and tricky. However, everything falls into place if a “rookie” makes some effort.

The app’s overall design features a lovingly crafted layout, color scheme, backgrounds, and animation. It allows daters to accept dating rules and succeed in relationships through the prism of special interests without imposing romantic stereotypes. The best thing is that everyone can customize and design the dashboard to turn the home screen into a user’s sweet home packed with comfort and a tailor-made animated interior. And with a created avatar, you’ll get a win-win tool to express and promote your personality. But, of course, you need to download the app and pass through easy and time-saving registration to enjoy such unusual features and other perks.

Sign Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

You should download the app to communicate, get matches, and access the app’s functionality. All brands of Android smartphones and tablets, and iOS devices support Kippo. Once the app is on your mobile, you can create your account with an email ID or phone number. After successfully passing through a contact number verification process, please fill up some entries:

  • Add your full name.
  • Specify your date of birth.
  • Mention your gender identification.
  • Type gender account preferences (male or female).
  • Upload up to four different photos with a clear face view.
  • Allow location access.

Now, you have a chance to become a full-fledged member of Kippoverse and create your avatar, choosing an outfit, skin color, hair, and other attributes relevant to your personality and goals.

Are Accounts Real Here?

Kippo is a legal dating app with many real users. The app has several verification methods to prevent catfishing and protect your account from fraudulent activities. For example, users must reveal a phone number and upload at least four clear-view photos. At the same time, most gamers tend to hide their real personalities. And there is nothing wrong with it until you agree on a real date.

Common security rules are crucial whether you plan to go out or hang out in the app’s universe. The key is to stay focused on dating, playing games, and savoring the action without disclosing sensitive data about yourself, your job, family members, etc.

Website and Mobile Version

Website and Mobile Version

The platform has a web version and standalone mobile apps. The best way to access Kippo is to download the application. You can enjoy all the features and functions without glitches, freezing, and other problems typical for low-quality mobile apps. Still, the desktop site is also great. It cannot provide the same functionality but guarantees first-class operation on PCs and laptops of all brands.

With the desktop site, you can start your space in Kippoverse as a guest or join the existing world via the invite code. Alternatively, you can use Discord to enjoy Kippoverse and communicate with other players.

So, the desktop version is available to get closer to the app’s idea. At the same time, the mobile app offers more than a futuristic aesthetic backed by mysterious black backgrounds with splashes of bright sports sparkling with electric lights. It allows creating funny comic strips about dating and using animation to decorate your profile page.

Special Features

When you don’t want to add matches, you can run your own Kippo home to spend your time in virtual reality, customizing your avatar’s outfits, updating your profile, and exploring the app’s following features:

  • Profile cards

Kippo offers an interactive and engaging way of editing profiles, changing information, and adding new details. These cards include personality type, star sign, games, etc. You can choose game-styled symbols and anime to describe your personality type, interact with others and add a short bio to disclose your priorities.

You’ll find a wide range of hairstyles, bottoms, tops, and shoes to shine and attract attention. The card makes your profile look like a house packed with favorite things and furniture.

  • Instant messages

Quick messages are one of the coolest features of Kippo. You can directly message someone and make solid connections. With chatting, you can better understand others and learn more about their preferences.

  • Swiping

You can swipe compatible profiles left and irrelevant ones right to find a better match. Have you got a mutual match? Then, you are free to continue with direct messages and learn more about your potential partner.

  • Kippoverse

It is a multiplayer online universe to hang out with other users and enjoy the virtual advantages of searching for new friends and romantic connections. It is built as an arcade game full of exciting and entertaining moments, turning online dating into a memorable journey.

Kippo doesn’t impose a specific relationship type, allowing users to move forward at their own pace. However, most members want to meet should mates, devoted friends, and reliable life partners who will never ridicule them for their passion for computer games.

Kippo provides quality connections with people in your area or from other countries and cities. Regular users far away from video games may feel it difficult to associate users’ profile cards with their personalities to detect promising partners. However, gamers will be like fish in the water.

How Does Kippo Work?

Kippo is a social media platform with the idea of matching people united by shared hobbies and lifestyles. It promotes romantics but leaves space for friendship regardless of users’ gender, age, sexual identity, marital status, habits, and other markers that matter on other dating sites.

Kippo generates matches based on your bio, common interests, and gaming preferences. The matchmaking algorithm considers the info you’ve disclosed on your profile card. Typical data allows you to access users of specific ages, locations, and gender. Of course, your goals also matter, delivering matches for a romance or friendship.

Searching Options and Filters at Kippo

All Kippo users have access search options and filters to find relevant results. The free version has the basic filters mentioned in the previous paragraph. Still, the premium membership adds more tools to narrow down and enjoy more accurate matches suitable for your personality. In parallel, you can manually browse profiles and look through profile photos to decide whether the user fits your expectations.

Communication Methods

Kippo offers convenient communication tools. It allows people to connect online via live chat and talk about everything they want. In addition, you can use audio calls and hear your favorite’s real voice. However, video chat rooms are unavailable on the platforms despite its revolutionary concept. It seems weird in the epoch of video interfaces and security issues many faces during online dating. However, the approach is quite explanatory regarding most gamers’ preferences. As a rule, nerds prefer incognito and use avatars to represent themselves to the audience.

Kippo Alternatives

Kippo is a unique and creative app. However, it can hardly be compared with other dating platforms because of its narrow focus on the community of video gamers and geeks. Still, the following alternatives will come in handy for those thinking about stretching their personal boundaries.

  • Tinder, like Kippo, has a swipe-style matching system. On the other hand, it targets those into hookups and casual dating for fun and relaxation.
  • Bumble also follows swipe-based connections but provides women with control of communications when giving them the right to the first move.
  • Hinge is more about real relationships than hookups. It is a good choice if you seek higher age groups.
  • TikFriends, with the direct messaging feature, allows you to find friends worldwide and add them to your TikTock.
  • LesPark is a responsive social networking hub for the LGBT community. It offers chat, video dates, and voice calls to enjoy live talks and build stronger bonds.
  • Clover works for those looking for the opportunity to secrets and passion in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

All listed apps have something to offer. Still, only Kippo is the app designed specifically for nerds and jam-packed with tons of features relevant to those people’s tastes and needs.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Membership Price and Payment Method

Kippo is a quality and affordable dating platform friendly to all budgets. It offers enough free options to explore the service and start making friends. Still, its paid features let you reach a new level of online dating, making it personalized and successful. To buy the premium plan, you can use UPI IDs, debit cards, credit cards, iTunes accounts, and PayPal.

Free Membership Features

Free membership has quite cool features, including liking and up to 30 swipes. However, it also gives you the standard interface. Besides, you can customize your profile by adding up to three cards and sending one message to someone you haven’t matched.

Premium Membership Features

Kippo Infinity subscription boasts an extremely low price and helps you unlock the thrills and spills of its “metaverse”:

  • UP to seven cards for profile customization.
  • As many swipes as you want.
  • Sending unlimited direct messages.
  • The opportunity to see those visiting your profile page.
  • Access to Kippo arcade.

When buying premium features, you’ll ensure more suitable matches and another level of fun.

How Much Is Dating On Kippo?

Membership Type Membership Length Monthly Price Totally
Infinity (Premium) 1 month $10 $10
Infinity (Premium) 6 months $3.33 $37
Infinity (Premium) 1 year $4.67 $56

Is Kippo Really Safe?

Kippo is a safe place for gamers. It offers elegance and beauty you cannot experience with other dating apps. The platform is user-friendly, supports all devices, and has good standing. Besides, the app cooperates with reputable organizations and corporations like Promer Sazze, NextGen, iHC, and Eaton. Furthermore, Kippo has an expert team of professionals that ensures your data’s safety.

Of course, swindlers, freaks, and annoying admirers are present on every online dating platform. And if someone demonstrates inappropriate behavior, you can immediately report and block that user.

Technical Side of Protection

Kippo is a well-designed and secure dating app that keeps your data safe from outsiders. It follows advanced security protocols and encrypts your activities, making your profile less prone to hacks. The app meets modern mobile app security standards and guarantees secure coding and continuous testing. Sensitive data within the profile card is completely closed to third-party services with embedded malicious codes. Hence, no breaches keep all information stored in your mobile device safe. Any infrastructure exposure and phishing attacks are excluded.

Customer Support

You may run into difficulties because of the number of tools presented on the Kippo dating platform. The app is built as a social network, making connections and communication challenging for newcomers. Fortunately, no question is a big deal.

Kippo offers a professional customer support service to resolve your problems 24/7. If you face any challenge regarding the app, raise a ticket, and the support team will revert you back. Although there is no option for a live chat, Kippo offers some FAQs that also help you address some issues. Besides, you can send direct messages on Twitter to ensure a quick response.

Popular User Questions

How to pass Kippo photo verification?

To avoid scams or fake people at Kippo, it gives a feature to allow requests as per your own wish to verify their profile. Kippo’s photo verification step keeps you and your data secure. Hence, you can enjoy dating and connections easily by knowing the user’s profile that you are talking to. Let’s check the steps to verify the photo:

Go to the edit profile option and choose the verify option. Then, take a selfie with your desired pose and send it to the Kippo team using the process of the step given in the app. All the shared photos will be verified by the Kippo team to ensure security. In some time, you will get the mail confirming your verification. If you do not receive the mail, try it again with proper pictures.

But the account will be blocked if the profile is rejected because of fake information. So the user cannot see any other user’s profile, and no user can see that blocked user’s profile. If the team successfully verifies the profile, then the user can continue with the Kippo account. To verify your account, make sure that photos are clearly shown to the Kippo team. A good face-view picture can verify easily at a time.

How to delete Kippo account?

You can easily delete your Kippo account. If you are an iPhone user, then follow the below steps:

  • On your device screen, tap and hold the application. Keep holding it up until your device starts shaking.
  • Once you see the device shaking, click on the X mark, which will display on your screen.
  • To delete the application, click on that X button, and you are done.

If you are an android user, then follow the below steps to delete your Kippo account:

  • Go to the Google play store and open the menu list.
  • Go to my apps and games options and click the installed button.
  • Choose Kippo from the installed list and then click an uninstalled button to delete the account from your android device.

How to see who likes you on Kippo without paying?

Well, there is no option to check who likes your profile. If you want to see people interested n your personality, please upgrade your account first. After that, you will be able to access users who have already liked your profile card.

How to block someone on Kippo?

You have several options to block someone. You can easily block users to stop them from checking your profile. You can also report the user if they act inappropriately. Check the steps to block someone:

  • First, open the user’s chats you want to report or block. Click on the three dots at your screen’s top right corner.
  • Mention the reason for blocking and then click on submit button.

How to cancel Kippo subscription?

If you are an Android user and subscribed to the Google play store, select your account first and tap the subscription option. After that, use the manage option and cancel it. If you have subscribed with a credit card method, then the process will be a bit different:

  • Open the app on your device.
  • Go to your profile and then choose to manage payment account.
  • Choose the cancel subscription button.



Kippo is trending and one of the most interesting dating apps. If you need something mind-blowing and non-standard that ruins conventional dating stereotypes, you can surely go for Kippo. It makes your private life more entertaining and turns routines into amazing games.

The app caters to young gamers and makes you happy with unique and free tools to help you try completely free. However, you can upgrade your free version to premium membership to experience fabulous and limitless features. Overall, the Kippo app is worth using for the best dating experience.

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Alex is an approved relationship and holistic life coach. In the past, he has been a teacher. He also took part in writing and holistic healing activities. His teaching background equipped him with sufficient knowledge to help others. Alex is one of the people that love traveling a lot. His traveling passion and the time he has lived in various regions enable him to put himself in the relationship culture in different places. His experience opened his mind to how individuals express and deal with love and affairs.
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