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DateID Review 2024: Is DateID worth the effort?

DateID Review 2024: Is DateID worth the effort?
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Active Audience 69%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 25-40
Profiles 3 850 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 7.7
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • An award-winning dating platform that enables you to get a verified dating ID instantly.
  • It’s the most trusted platform for meet-ups, hookups, and serious dates.
  • The platform works globally on all dating apps and sites.
  • It is basically designed to prove that all your information is safe and the users of the platform are trusted.
  • Unrivaled discretion, privacy, and security.
  • Your profile will be public
  • The verification process can keep you waiting to get approved.
  • The website does not offer discounts or coupons on an annual subscription
  • They may ask for your personal data to verify your account and run a background check

Inaccurate profile information and catfishing are significant problems for online daters, which is why Remy Tennant built DateID to eliminate them. The DateID is a background search tool allowing singles to research their potential partners and members to chat with verified and complete profiles. DateID also unearths plenty of other information and benefits for its users from various trusted sources, including social media, public records, and the sex offender registry. The platform helps singles know that their dates are genuine so they don’t waste their time.

Reputation and history of DateID

Reputation and history of DateID

Thousands of singles join this platform to verify themselves and check about other members daily. Currently, the increasing frequency of sextortion, catfishing, and scams is growing every day, making online dating a minefield. As a solution, DateID is addressing the underlying problems in dating to help singles realize their online dating potential. DateID brings transparency, accountability, and security to its members, giving a new life to the dating world and helping singles find each other more easily. The mission of DateID is to envision a world where safety, security, and deception are no longer a problem for singles while scrolling through a dating app. The brand’s reputation speaks for itself, as it has a growing audience of thousands daily. Moreover, the platform records good dates each day and satisfied members.

Website, App, interface, registration

DateID has recently become one of the leading ID verification sites for singles to enter the online dating world safely. In 2022, the platform issued hundreds and thousands of IDs globally by helping single men and women connect safely. The interface of DateID is straightforward to use, and if you are looking for a safe and trusted network for online dating, then DateID will be your favorite place. The registration process in the app is free. Verifying location, photos, and social media accounts are also 100% free. As many online dating users are fed up with being deceived, DateID makes it convenient for the users to rely on their platform as it helps in verifying the matches and to get people who can be trusted. In simple words, with DateID, online dating is no longer a wild west of anonymity. The platform makes it easy for singles to find verified users.

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

In times of today, dating online is one of the most challenging things to do most safely. Whereas, DateID is one of the trusted sources that grant you a verified dating ID that can be used on any dating site of your choice. Moreover, the registration process on this platform is pretty simple and straightforward, all you have to do is sign up on the website by entering your information, such as your name, phone number, and email, or you can connect through your social media account directly. After this, DateID will ask for your ID and photos to match and verify that the person in the ID matches the photos. The platform will also check your location on your ID and verify the social media platforms you must be using. Moreover, after you sign-up, DateID can also run a background check on you to keep your online interactions safe. After all of this information is verified, DateID will give you a hookup id that can be further used to share with others on any online dating platform.

Are the accounts real here?

All the accounts on DateID are real, and there is no chance of interaction with a scam profile. All the users on this platform go through a strict verification policy that verifies photos, location, social media, and IDs and does a background check before confirming a profile. The multi-verification process in the platform improves dating security and helps users to know that all the profiles on their platform are genuine and safe.

Website and mobile version

The DateID platform is compatible with all types of dating apps and sites. The dating platform has also been featured with leading publications with reviews of thousands of satisfied customers.

Special Features

Special Features

DateID is known to be one of the most robust dating platforms today, with many special features to offer its customers. Well, naming some of them is that it verifies one’s identity, photos, location, age, and phone. Some of the major features are below, which makes the platform ahead of its competitors.

  • ID Verification badge

It has a verification badge feature that shows the user has been verified. It allows the users to upload their passport or driver’s license, and further, the platform matches it with their photo.

  • Photo verification badge

This feature shows that a user has uploaded at least one verified photo using the IPEC metadata.

  • Blue Check Mark

This feature shows the user’s age and location.

  • Gold Shield

This feature shows when a user has completed ID verification.

  • Silver Shield

This shows when a user has completed their photo and location verification.

The partner search on the DateID is pretty simple. All you have to do is to write someone’s phone number, social media username, name or email address, or even their DateID username if they are already verified in the platform. Once entered, you will see plenty of profiles accordingly, and you can connect if you find your person. Just like 95% of the other online daters, do you Google a person before you meet them? The problem is that you might not find factual information about the person. This is exactly where DateID comes for a rescue! DateID does a deep web data dive, ensuring that you connect with the right person. DateID dives through one’s social media platforms like Instagram, Google, and Twitter. Sex offender Registry and Facebook.

How does DateID work?

DateID is one of the best platforms, which gives a verified ID that can be used across any dating site. Getting into this platform is as simple as entering someone’s email address, name, phone number, and social media platform. Further, its security verification makes it easy to get an ID which helps other online daters to meet you online. DateID helps build a screening profile based on public data and also offers a verified ID to the users, which can be used across any dating platform.

Searching options and filters at DateID

DateID is universally compatible with all the apps and dating sites in the dating world, making it relatively easy for users to show other users that they are legit and verified. Additionally, DateID offers multiple search options for the users where another user can search you by your name, social media platform, or location. The verification gives an added advantage in the platform because it hints to the people that you are real. To level up, you can even choose a membership to share your profile on other dating apps. The platform also allows a filter to add watermark photos; even one can set their profile to only be seen by verified people.

Communication methods

The best and fastest way to reach the DateID service is through chat, which is available on the website. Moreover, you can reach the dating platform through their number at +1-415-295-2706.

DateID Alternatives

Do you wish to explore two significant alternatives to DateID? And how is DateID still above the game in the dating world? Keep reading.

  1. Tinder: Tinder is a top-rated dating platform with over 75 million matches to date. The platform makes it the best place to meet new people and has a progressive interface. Despite being the number one platform in the dating world, Tinder fails to provide secure and real profiles for users. At the same time, DateID has verified profiles that are real with connected social media platforms of each user. DateID does have the upper hand when it comes to dating with complete security.
  2. Bumble: The first alternative dating app to DateID is Bumble. Well, Bumble is definitely more than just dating. This USA-based hookup site has become quite famous because it supports women’s empowerment. Bumble is one of the best dating apps, which allows easy sign-up and has verified profiles. However, trusting verified profiles isn’t always enough! DateID still serves to be the best when it comes to making the first moves on a reliable dating app as it gives added protection of location, photos, social media, and ID verification of the users, which Bumble fails to provide.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Membership Price and Payment Method

DateID offers plenty of free features to its users on Bronze and Silver memberships without using their credit cards. Well, this means you can check out DateID without any payment risk! Moreover, to enjoy the full benefits of this dating platform, you can buy a Gold membership to unlock sex offender clearance and your ID verification. With a Gold membership, you also gain access to three instant background checks and priority tech support. There is also a plan called Gold membership which asks for a one-time fee and is extremely good for active users. To ensure the security of their users, DateID process all payments via Stripe and Paypal.

Free Membership Features

Silver and Bronze members get the benefits of enjoying the free membership features within the dating platform. The free features include getting photo verification with unlimited watermark photos download, location verification, and also gets one background check without any credit card payments.

Premium Membership Features

DateID offers three membership plans: Bronze, Silver, and Gold ID, which require different information about you to get verified. Below is a detailed description of the three membership plans that can help you choose the perfect one.

Bronze DateID

The Bronze DateID is the starting level of membership that is provided by the platform. In case you are looking for the easiest way to show other members that you are legit, then you must go for the Bronze ID, as it instantly verifies your profile.

If you’re looking for a simple way to show others on dating sites that you’re real without going through a time-consuming security verification process, you may opt for the Bronze hookup id. Well, as you know, online dating scams are real, and there are plenty of profiles that are run by fake profiles; by choosing Bronze membership, you will deter potential catfishes by showing other members that you are honest and your identity is verified. Apart from this, the Bronze membership allows you to share all the necessary information about yourself so that primary identification verification can be done by keeping all your personal data secure. Once you get the Bronze ID, your profile will be automatically featuring your age, photo, and verified badge. With this membership, you can even use watermark photos to add verified photos to your dating profile.

Silver DateID

To upgrade your ID to make it even more secure, you can choose the Silver DateID membership. The Silver membership gives added benefits that allow you to verify your phone number and location. This verification helps to provide an added advantage of security which makes the dating app look even safer, and it also raises the bar of dating online. By verifying your location and phone number, you will be able to show that you are a trustworthy person. The members of the DateID app will also be excited to meet and catch up with you if they see that you are a real person who has shared their identity and has nothing to hide.

Gold DateID

Lastly, you can upgrade to the Gold DateID membership, as it is the ultimate pathway to establish trust between the members you may meet on the platform. The Gold membership is the highest level of security verification you can get to add to your profile, as it helps you and the other online daters feel safe with whom they are chatting and meeting.

The Gold membership also allows users to connect to social media, which gives an added verification to show that your profile is accurate. Adding social media does give complete confidence to anyone you might be dating that your profile is not fake.

The membership allows you to connect your social media websites, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, where one can choose to display any profile of their choice. Either way, the connected social media will also grant you a secure casual dating arrangement by showing your dates that you have accurately presented yourself on all the social media platforms.

How much is dating on DateID?

Check out the table below to see the prices and features you will receive with the membership plans.

Membership Payment Features
Gold membership (one-time payment) $69.95
  • ID Verification Badge
  • Sex offender clearance
  • Background check up to 3 dates
  • Age verification
  • Tech support
Silver Membership Free
  • Photo verification
  • Self-serve support
  • Location verification
  • Phone verification
Bronze Membership Free
  • Watermarked photos
  • Verification profile
  • Background check up to 1 date
  • View members for free

Is DateID Really Safe?

DateID is one of the safest platforms in the dating world. It is also compatible with all the major dating sites and apps and has won various awards as a winning technology in the sector of the dating world.

Technical side of protection

While DateID encourages transparency and openness in online dating, it’s not in their hands to control if anyone wishes to stay private or open on their platform. That is why they have robust privacy controls for their users, which helps the user to make their profile 100% invisible or public through the account settings. This is the major technical side protection that DateID offers, which also makes username, email, and even phone number go invisible as per the user’s choice.

Customer Support

If you have chosen a Gold membership plan, you might be eligible for the priority support that gives real human support via email, phone, or chat. To chat with an executive, you just have to type in “paying customer” and follow the prompts. If you wish to reach out on the phone, you can contact them through their number at +1-415-295-2706, or you can even email them at [email protected].

Popular user questions

Do you need more help to know the answers to some of the popular user questions? If yes, keep reading about the answers to major queries asked by the users.

How to pass DateID photo verification?

The process of photo verification on the DateID platform works by submitting your identification document, such as your driving license or passport, with a current selfie. Further, after uploading, the team will run a background check on you to see if you are real. Once all checks are done and are proper, you will get a photo verification.

How to delete DateID account?

Go to the settings page and scroll down; you will see a place where it must be written to delete an account. Once you choose the delete option, all your databases will get removed permanently, and all your data, including your verification, will be scrubbed.

How to see who likes you on DateID without paying?

In the DateID app, you can see who has liked your picture for free with Silver and Gold as well as on the Bronze membership. The platform allows you to connect and see if any potential match/ member is interested in you.

How to block someone on DateID?

If you see a profile is a scam, you can directly block them by clicking on their profile, then scroll down below, and you will see the block option. Choose it, and the user will get blocked, and they won’t be able to see your profile and won’t connect with you on any platform.

How to cancel DateID subscription?

To cancel a subscription in DateID, go to your chosen subscription and select the three dots, and then select cancel the subscription. You will be asked why you are canceling your subscription; choose a reason, provide feedback, and select save, and your subscription will get canceled.



If you are looking for a casual hookup or something serious to find the love of your life, enrolling yourself in DateID will give you ultimate confidence that you will be safe and will find a trusted person. The review on DateID states that it is one of the best dating technologies in the market, which has minimized romance scams, catfishing, and other forms of deception. To stay safe and enjoy the full benefits of the online dating world, get yourself signed up on DateID to verify yourself and start dating today.

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